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Drinking Water Treatment Units - Health Effects

The Honest Water Filter Company Inc. 
315 11th Street
Ramona, CA 92065 
United States 
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Facility : # 1 USA

  Replacement Service Cycle Flow Rate  
Brand Name / Trade Name / Model Element (gallons) (gpm)   Claim

Commercial Modular
HWF Company Series 1[2] HWF-2423X (1) 3   Cyst Reduction
HWF Company Series 1[2] HWF-4933X (1) 3.5   Cyst Reduction
HWF Company Series 1[2] HWF-4933P (1) 3.5   Cyst Reduction
HWF Company Series 1[2] HWF-4923X (1) 5   Cyst Reduction
HWF Company Series 1[2] HWF-4923P (1) 5   Cyst Reduction
HWF Company Series 1[2] HWF-4923XHC (1) 7.5   Cyst Reduction
HWF Company Series 1[2] HWF-4923PHC (1) 7.5   Cyst Reduction
HWF-UF4210-0000X HWF UF-20 (1) 8   Cyst Reduction
HWF-UF4220-0000X HWF UF-20 (1) 16   Cyst Reduction
HWF-UF4410-0000X HWF UF-40 (1) 15   Cyst Reduction
HWF-UF4420-0000X HWF UF-40 (1) 30   Cyst Reduction

(1) Claims of capacity or rated service cycle are not applicable for mechanical filtration.
[2] Can be used with any of the following BevGuard Series Manifolds:
    HWF - S-NG
    HWF - S
    HWF - S+SR
    HWF - S+PF+SR
    HWF - TW
    HWF - TW+SR
    HWF - TW+PF+SR
    HWF - TR
    HWF - TR+SR
    HWF - TR+PF+SR

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