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Commercial Refrigerators and Storage Freezers

Cancoil Thermal Corporation 
991 John F. Scott Road
Kingston, ON K7L 4V3 

Facility : Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Walk-In Unit Coolers[1] [4]
  ALP040 (1)[5]
  ALP106 (1)[5]
  ALP063 (1)[5]
  ALP378 (1)[5]
  ALP091 (1)[5]
  ALP053 (1)[5]
  ALP265 (1)[5]
  ALP126 (1)[5]
  ALP318 (1)[5]
  ALP159 (1)[5]
  ALP072 (1)[5]
  ALP189 (1)[5]
  ALP212 (1)[5]
[1] Beginning serial number for ALP, ELP, GLP, HLP, ATD and ATR models: S/N001 9111U.
[4] May have suffix H, P, ER, MB, C, CB, AER, SX, ADEB, ADFB, EC, PH, S, QBDTH, 203, 206, or
[5] (1) Suffix 01B, 01C, 02B, or 02C indicating voltage and tube diameter.
  ELP044 02B
  ELP052 02B
  ELP075 02B
  ELP088 02B
  ELP104 02B
  ELP132 02B
  ELP156 02B
  ELP176 02B
  ELP208 02B
  ELP220 02B
  ELP260 02B
  ELP312 02B
  RLP044 01B or 02B
  RLP052 01B or 02B
  RLP075 01B or 02B
  RLP088 01B or 02B
  RLP104 01B or 02B
  RLP156 01B or 02B
  RLP176 01B or 02B
  RLP220 01B or 02B
  RLP260 01B or 02B
  RLP312 01B or 02B
  GLP044 01B or 02B
  GLP052 01B or 02B
  GLP057 01B or 02B
  GLP088 01B or 02B
  GLP104 01B or 02B
  GLP156 01B or 02B
  GLP176 01B or 02B
  GLP220 01B or 02B
  GLP260 01B or 02B
  GLP312 01B or 02B

Reach-In Unit Coolers[2] [3]
  ATD090 01A
  ATD115 01A
  ATD135 01A
  ATD150 01A
  ATD185 01A
  ATD235 01A
  ATD300 01A
[2] Must be mounted in a manner that the coil face is not subject to splash or spillage.
[3] Suffix 01A - 115-1-60.
  ATR085 01A
  ATR110 01A
  ATR140 01A
  ATR175 01A
  ATR225 01A
  ATR280 01A
  ATR335 01A
  ATR430 01A
  ATR525 01A

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