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Food Equipment

Jade Range, Inc. 
2650 Orbiter Street
Brea, CA 92821 
United States 

Facility : Brea, CA

Equipment custom built in compliance with NSF Standard 2‡

‡ This manufacturer is not authorized to use the NSF Mark in association with any
  electrical or gas operated products that are designed to provide safe temperatures
  during the storage, holding, rethermalization, or rapid pull down of food products.

Cabinet Base[1]
[1] (1) - One or two digit suffix to denote width.
    (2) - May include -SD suffix if unit includes door.
    (3) - May include -MOD suffix if unit height or depth is modified.

Jade Titan Series without Oven[2]
[2] Additional suffixes may be used to indicate number of open burners, size of fry top,
    number of hot tops, size of char-broiler, work tops, and cabinets.

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