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Commercial Warewashing Equipment

Racks per Hour / Dishes per Hour / Water Consumption Calculations

For informational purposes, the estimated racks per hour or dishes per hour for NSF/ANSI 3 Certified dishwashers can be calculated as follows:

Racks per Hour for Stationary Rack Dishwashers = 3600(NR) / TC

Racks per Hour for Rack Conveyor Dishwashers = (CS)(60) / RL

Dishes per Hour for Rackless Conveyor Dishwashers = (120)(CS)(CW) / PD

Water Consumption (gallons per hour) for Stationary Rack Dishwashers = (GPC)(RPH)

Water Consumption (gallons per hour) for Conveyor Dishwashers = (GPM)(60)

Where: CS = Conveyor speed measured in feet per minute
              CW = Conveyor width measured in inches
              GPC = Gallons per cycle
              GPM = Gallons per minute
              NR = Number of racks the dishwasher is designed to hold per cycle
              PD = Distance between pegs measured in inches, center to center of the peg, in the direction of conveyor travel
              RL = Length of the rack measured in feet
              RPH = Racks per hour
              TC = Total cycle time measured in seconds

The total cycle time includes wash, rinse, dwell, and load times. Load times will vary depending on the type of dishwasher. Estimated load times commonly used for specific types of dishwashers are as follows:
door type (straight thru) - 5 seconds
door type (corner) - 7 seconds
hood type - 8 seconds
front opening type - 30 seconds

Perlick Corporation 
8300 West Good Hope Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223 
United States 

Facility : Garden Grove, CA


Glasswashing Machines

      Final Rinse    
      (20 psi) Operating Time  
  Model Rack Size Flow Usage (seconds) Footnotes
  Number Width gpm gph Wash Rinse Dwell  

Single Tank Stationary Rack, Chemical Sanitizing[1] [2] [3] [4]
  PKD24B 20x20  35   40.8   57   45   18   
[1] Recirculated pumped rinse minimum 50 ppm available Chlorine or 12.5 ppm iodophor.
[2] Suffixes apply to all models: T - Top mount controls; I - Integral scrap trap
[3] 1.25 gallons per complete cycle includes .25 gal. fresh water flush.
[4] Available with suffix B- Built-on 12KW booster heater for 40°F rise.

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