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Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices

BioZone Scientific International, Inc. 
7616 Southland Boulevard
Suite 114 
Orlando, FL 32809 
United States 
44 139 286 0862 (UK)
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Facility : Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


IceZone Closed Loop Ice Machine Air Sanitizer
  IceZone X05[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  IceZone X10[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  IceZone X20[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  IceZone X30[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  Luminice II
  XSafe X-20
  XSafe XR-30
[1] Approved for use in conjunction with  the following models of ice machine when installed
    in accordance with manufacturers instructions:
    Hoshizaki - DCM-240BAF, DCM-270BAH, DCM-270BAH-OS, DCM-300BAH, DCM-300BAH-OS,
    DCM-300BWH, DCM-300BWH, DCM-300BWH-OS, DCM-500BAF, DCM-500BAH, DCM-500BAH-OS,
    DCM-500BWF, DCM-500BWH, DCM-500BWH-OS, DCM-750BAF, DCM-750BAH, DCM-750BAH-OS,
    DCM-750BWF, DCM-750BWH, DCM-750BWH-OS, DCM-751BAH, DCM-751BAH-OS, DCM-751BWH,
    DCM-751BWH-OS, DT-400BAH-OS, F-1001MAH, F-1001MAH-22, F-1001MAH-C, F-1001MLH,
    F-1001MLH-C, F-1001MRH, F-1001MRH-C, F-1001MWH, F-1001MWH-C, F-1100MAH, F-1100MLH,
    F-1100MRH, F-1100MWF, F-1500MAH, F-1500MAH-C, F-1500MRH, F-1500MRH-C, F-1500MWH,
    F-1500MWH-C, F-2000MLF-22, F-2000MLH, F-2000MLH-22, F-2000MLH-C, F-2000MRH, F-2000MRH3,
    F-2000MRH3-C, F-2000MRH-C, F-2000MWF-C, F-2000MWH, F-2000MWH-C, F-300BAF, F-330BAH,
    F-330BAH-C, F-330BAH-W, F-450MAF, F-450MAH, F-450MAH-C, F-500BAF, F-800MAH, F-800MAH-C,
    F-800MRH, F-800MRH-C, F-800MWF-C, F-800MWH, F-800MWH-C, F-801MAH, F-801MAH-C, F-801MRH,
    F-801MRH-C, F-801MWH, F-801MWH-C, FD-1001MAH, FD-1001MAH-C, FD-1001MLH, FD-1001MLH-C,
    FD-1001MRH, FD-1001MRH-C, FD-1001MWH, FD-1001MWH-C, FD-450MAH, FD-450MAH-C, FD-801MAH,
    FD-801MAH-C, FD-801MRH, FD-801MWH, FD-801MWH-C, FS-1001MLH, FS-1001MLH-C, FS-1022MLH,
    FS-1022MLH-C, FS-1500MLH, FS-1500MLH-C, KM-1300MAH, KM-1300MRH, KM-1300MWH, KM-1300NRH,
    KM-1300SAH, KM-1300SAH3, KM-1300SRH, KM-1300SRH3, KM-1300SWH, KM-1300SWH3,
    KM-1300SWH3-M, KM-1301SAH, KM-1301SAH3, KM-1301SRH, KM-1301SRH3, KM-1301SWH,
    KM-1301SWH3, KM-1340MAH, KM-1340MRH, KM-1340MWH, KM-1400SWH-M, KM-1600MRH, KM-1600MRH3,
    KM-1600SRH, KM-1600SRH3, KM-1600SWH, KM-1600SWH3, KM-1601MRH, KM-1601MRH3, KM-1601SAH,
    KM-1601SAH3, KM-1601SRH, KM-1601SRH3, KM-1601SWH, KM-1601SWH3, KM-1800SAH, KM-1800SAH3,
    KM-1800SRH, KM-1800SRH3, KM-1800SWH, KM-1800SWH3, KM-1900SAH, KM-1900SAH3, KM-1900SRH,
    KM-1900SRH3, KM-1900SWH, KM-1900SWH3, KM-2000SRH3, KM-2000SWH3, KM-2100SRH, KM-2100SRH3,
    KM-2100SWH, KM-2100SWH3, KM-2400SRH3, KM-2500SRH, KM-2500SRH3, KM-2500SWH3, KM-250BAF,
    KM-250BWF, KM-251BAH, KM-251BWH, KM-255BAH, KM-255BWH, KM-280MAH, KM-280MWH, KM-320MAH,
    KM-320MWH, KM-461MAH, KM-461MRH, KM-461MWH, KM-500MAH, KM-501MAH, KM-501MRH, KM-501MRH,
    KM-501MWH, KM-515MAH, KM-515MRH, KM-515MWH, KM-600MAH, KM-630MAH, KM-630MRH, KM-630MWF,
    KM-630MWH, KM-650MAH, KM-650MRH, KM-650MWH, KM-900MAH, KM-900MRH, KM-900MRH3, KM-900MWH,
    KM-901MAH, KM-901MRH, KM-901MRH3, KM-901MWH
[2] Approved for use in conjunction with the following models of ice machine when installed
    in accordance with manufacturers instructions:
    Manitowoc - IB0682DC, IB0684YC, IB0694YC, IB0696YC, IB0820RC, IB0822DC, IB0824YC,
    IB0894YC, IB1020RC, IB1022DC, IB1024YC, IB1094YC, IB622DC, IB624YC, ID0302A-(1)(2),
    ID0303W-(1)(2), ID0322A-(1)(2), ID0323A-(1)(2), ID0452A-(1)(2), ID0453W-(1)(2),
    ID0502A-(1)(2), ID0503W-(1)(2), ID0522A-(1)(2), ID0523W-(1)(2), ID0592N-(1)(2),
    ID0602A-(1)(2), ID0603W-(1)(2), ID0606A-(1)(2), ID0606W-(1)(2), ID0682C-(1)(2),
    ID0686C-(1)(2), ID0692N-(1)(2), ID0696N-(1)(2), ID0852A-(1)(2), ID0853W-(1)(2),
    ID0872C-(1)(2), ID0892N-(1)(2), ID1002A-(1)(2), ID1002A-(1)(2), ID1003W-(1)(2),
    ID1003W-(1)(2), ID1005W-(1)(2), ID1005W-(1)(2), ID1072C-(1)(2), ID1072C-(1)(2),
    ID1092N-(1)(2), ID1092N-(1)(2), ID1202A-(1)(2), ID1203W-(1)(2), ID1206A-(1)(2),
    ID1206W-(1)(2), ID1402A-(1)(2), ID1403W-(1)(2), ID1472C, ID1492N-(1)(2), ID1802A-(1)(2),
    ID1803W-(1)(2), ID1872C, ID1892N-(1)(2), ID2172C, ID2176C, IR0500A-(1)(2),
    IR0501W-(1)(2), IR0520A-(1)(2), IR0521W-(1)(2), IR0590N-(1)(2),
    IR0850A-(1)(2),IR0870C-(1)(2), IR0890N-(1)(2), IR1800A-(1)(2), IR1801W-(1)(2),
    IR1890N-(1)(2)), IY0304A-(1)(2), IY0305A-(1)(2), IY0324A-(1)(2), IY0325W-(1)(2),
    IY0454A-(1)(2), IY0455W-(1)(2), IY0504A-(1)(2), IY0505W-(1)(2), IY0524A-(1)(2),
    IY0525W-(1)(2), IY0594N-(1)(2), IY0604A-(1)(2), IY0605W-(1)(2), IY0606A-(1)(2),
    IY0606W-(1)(2), IY0684C-(1)(2), IY0686C-(1)(2), IY0694N-(1)(2), IY0696N-(1)(2),
    IY0854A-(1)(2), IY0854N-(1)(2), IY0855W-(1)(2), IY0874C-(1)(2), IY1004A-(1)(2),
    IY1004A-(1)(2), IY1074C-(1)(2), IY1074C-(1)(2), IY1094N-(1)(2), IY1094N-(1)(2),
    IY1204A-(1)(2), IY1205W-(1)(2), IY1206A-(1)(2), IY1206W-(1)(2), IY1404A-(1)(2),
    IY1405W-(1)(2), IY1474C, IY1494N-(1)(2), IY1804A-(1)(2), IY1805W-(1)(2), IY1874C,
    IY1894N-(1)(2), IY2174C, IY2176C, QD(1)0132A, QD(1)0133W, QD(1)0172A, QD(1)0212A,
    QD(1)0213W, QD(1)0272A, QD(1)0273W, QD0462A, QD0662A, QD1062A, QD1069N, QD1472C,
    QD1803S, QD1892S, QDDUAL2C, QF0406A, QM(1)100A, QM(1)100W, QM(1)65A, QM(1)65W, QM30A,
    QM45A, QR(1)0130A, QR(1)0131W, QR(1)0210A, QR(1)0211W, QR(1)0270A, QR(1)0271W, QR0460A,
    QR0660A, QR1470C, QRDUAL0C, QY(1)0134A, QY(1)0135W, QY(1)0174A, QY(1)0214A, QY(1)0215W,
    QY(1)0274A, QY(1)0275W, QY0464A, QY0664A, QY1064A, QY1069N, QY1474C, QY1805S, QY1894S,
    QYDUAL4C, RNS12A, RNS12AT, RNS20A, RNS20AT, SD0302A, SD0303W, SD0422A, SD0423W, SD0452A,
    SD0453W, SD0502A, SD0503W, SD0592N, SD0602A, SD0603W, SD0672C, SD0682C, SD0692N,
    SD0852A, SD0853W, SD0872C, SD0892N, SD1002A, SD1003W, SD1072C, SD1092N, SD1202A,
    SD1203W, SD1272C, SD1402A, SD1403W, SD1472C, SD1492N, SD1602A, SD1603W, SD1692N,
    SD1802A, SD1803W, SD1872C, SD1892N, SD2072C, SD2172C, SD3072C, SD3303W3, SF0406A,
    SF0407W, SF0606A, SF0607W, SF0696N, SF0906A, SF0907W, SF0976C, SF1206A, SF1207W,
    SF1276C, SF2006A, SF2007W, SF2076C, SN0458A, SN0459W, SN0658A, SN0659W, SN0698N,
    SN0958A, SN0959W, SN0978C, SN1258A, SN1259W, SN1278C, SN12A, SN12AT, SN2058A, SN2059W,
    SN2078C, SN20A, SN20AT, SR0420A, SR0421W, SR0500A, SR0501W, SR0590N, SR0850A, SR0851W,
    SR0890N, SR1600A, SR1601W, SR1690N, SR1800A, SR1801W, SR1890N, SY0304A, SY0305A,
    SY0424A, SY0425W, SY0454A, SY0455W, SY0504A, SY0505W, SY0594N, SY0604A, SY0605W,
    SY0674C, SY0684C, SY0694N, SY0854A, SY0854N, SY0855W, SY0874C, SY1004A, SY1005W,
    SY1074C, SY1094N, SY1204A, SY1205W, SY1274C, SY1404A, SY1405W, SY1474C, SY1494N,
    SY1604A, SY1605W, SY1694N, SY1804A, SY1805W, SY1874C, SY1894N, SY2074C, SY2174C,
    SY3074C, SY3305W3
[3] ScotScotsman - CU1526(4)(1)-(3)A, CU2026(4)(1)-(3)A, CU3030(4)(1)-(3)A, 
    CU50G(1)-(3)A, CU50P(1)-(3)A, CUL2026(4)(A)-(3)A, CUL3030(4)(A)-(3)A, 
    CUR2026(4)(A)-(3)A, CUR3030(4)(A)-(3)A, CU0515GA-1A, AFE325(1)(2)-(3)B,
    AFE400(1)-(3)B, AFE400(1)-(3)C, AFE400(1)-(3)H, AFE424(1)-(3)A,
    NSE654(1)(3)-B, EH222(4)L-(3)A, EH222(4)L-(3)B, EH330(4)L-(3)A,
    EH330(4)L-(3)B, EH430(4)L-(3)A, EH430(4)L-(3)B, C0322(4)(1)-(3)A,
    C0322(4)(1)-(3)B, C0330(4)(1)-(3)A, C0330(4)(1)-(3)B, C0330(4)(1)-(3)C,
    C0522(4)(1)-(3)A, C0522(4)(1)-(3)B, C0530(4)(1)-(3)A, C0530(4)(1)-(3)B,
    C0530(4)(1)-(3)C, C0630(4)(1)-(3)A, C0630(4)(1)-(3)B, C0722(4)(1)-(3)B,
    C0830(4)(1)-(3)A, C0830(4)(1)-(3)B, C1030(4)(1)-(3)A, C1030(4)(1)-(3)B,
    C1448(4)(1)-(3)A, C1448(4)(1)-(3)B, C1448(4)(1)-63A, C1448SR-32A, 
    C1848(4)(1)-(3)A, C1848(4)(1)-(3)B, C2148(4)(1)-(3)A, C2148(4)(1)-(3)B, 
    C2648MR-3A, C2648SR-3A, CA1030(4)(1)-(3)B, CA1448(4)(1)-(3)B,
    CB0322(4)(1)-(3)B, CB0330(4)(1)-(3)B, CB0522(4)(1)-(3)B, CB0530(4)(1)-(3)C,
    CB0630(4)(1)-(3)B, CB0830(4)(1)-(3)B, CB1030(4)(1)-(3), CB1448(4)(1)-(3)B,
    CB1848(4)(1)-(3)B, CB2148(4)(1)-(3)B, CB2648MR-3A, CB2648SR-3A, 
    CL0322(4)(1)-(3)B, CL0522(4)(1)-(3)B, CL0630(4)(1)-(3)B, CL1030(4)(1)-(3)B,
    CL2148(4)(1)-(3)B, CR0322(4)(1)-(3)B, CR0522(4)(1)-(3)B, CR0630(4)(1)-(3)B,
    CR1030(4)(1)-(3)B, CR2148(4)(1)-(3)B, EH130(4)L-(3)A, EH130(4)L-(3)B,
    CME1056(1)(2)-(3)F, CME1056(1)(2)-(3)H, CME1356(1)(2)-(3)F, CME1356(1)(2)-(3)H, 
    CME1356WC(2)-(3)E, CME1386RLS-1A, CME1386RLS-1H, CME1656(1)(2)-(3)F,
    CME1656(1)(2)-(3)H, CME1656WC(2)-(3)E, CME1686RLS-1A, CME1686RLS-1H,
    CME1856(1)(2)-(3)C, CME1856(1)(2)-(3)H, CME2006(1)(2)-(3)H, CME2006R(2)-(3)C,
    CME2006R(2)-(3)D, CME2086RLS-1A, CME2086RLS-1H, CME256(1)(2)-(3)F,
    CME256(1)(2)-(3)H, CME306(1)(2)-(3)C, CME306(1)(2)-(3)H, CME456(1)(2)-(3)C,
    CME456(1)(2)-(3)H, CME506(1)(2)-(3)F, CME506(1)(2)-(3)H, CME656(1)(2)-(3)F, 
    CME656(1)(2)-(3)H, CME686RLS-1A, CME686RLS-1H, CME806(1)(2)-(3)F, CME806(1)(2)-(3)H,
    CME810RLS-1A, CME810RLS-1H, F0522(1)-(3)A, F0822(1)-(3)A, F0822(1)-(3)B, 
    F1222(1)-(3)A, F1522(1)-(3)A, FB0522(1)-(3)A, FB0822(1)-(3)B, FB1222(1)-(3)A,
    FB1522(1)-(3)A, FL0822(1)-(3)B, FL1222(1)-(3)A, FME1204(1)(2)-(3)A, 
    FME1204(1)(2)-(3)B, FME1204RL(2)-(3)A, FME1504(1)(2)-(3)A, FME1504(1)(2)-(3)B,
    FME1504RL(2)-(3)A, FME2404(1)(2)-(3)B, FME2404RL(2)-(3)A, FME3004RL(2)-(3)A, 
    FME504(1)(2)-(3)A, FME804(1)(2)-(3)B, FMEL2404(1)(2)-(3)B, FMER2404(1)(2)-(3)B, 
    FR0822(1)-(3)B, FR1222(1)-(3)A, MFE400(1)(2)-(3)B, N0422(1)-(3)A, N0622(1)-(3)A,
    N0622(1)-(3)B, N0922(1)-(3)A, N1322(1)-(3)A, NB0422(1)-(3)A, NB0622(1)-(3)B,
    NB0922(1)-(3)B, NB1322(1)-(3)B, NM1825RL(2)-(3)C, NM952RL(2)-(3)C, NME1254(1)(2)-(3)B,
    NME1254RL(2)-(3)A, NME1854(1)(2)-(3)B, NME1854RL(2)-(3)A, NME2504RL(2)-(3)A,
    NME454(1)(2)-(3)A, NME654(1)(2)-(3)B, NME654RL(2)-1A, NME954(1)(2)-(3)B, 
    NME954RL(2)-(3)A, NME954RL(2)-32A, F0822L-(3)A, F1222L-(3)A, F1522L-(3)A, 
    FB0822L-(3)A, FB1222L-(3)A, FB1522L-(3)A, N0622L-(3)A, N0922L-(3)A, N1322L-(3)A,
    NB0622L-(3)A, NB0922L-(3)A, NB1322L-(3)A, H(A)(B)1000(C)(D)(E), H(A)(B)1400(C)(D)(E),
    H(A)(B)1650N(D)(E), H(A)(B)1650R(D)(E), H(A)(B)1800N(D)(E), H(A)(B)1800R(D)(E),
    H(A)(B)700(C)(D)(E), 947481, 982264, 986638, 986646, M(A)(B)400(C)(D)(E), AC 46,
    AC 56, AC 86, AC 106, AC 126, AC 176, AC 206, AC 226, AC 47, AC 57, AC 87, AC 107,
    AC 127, AC 177, EC 46, EC 56, EC 86, EC 106, EC 126, EC 176, EC 206, EC 226, EC 47,
    EC 57, EC 87, EC 107, EC 127, EC 177, MXG 328, MXG 428, MXG 438, MXG 638, MXG 938,
    MXG 327, MXG 427, MXG 437, DXG 35, AF 80, AF 103, AF 124, AF 156, AF 206, EF 103,
    EF 124, EF 156, EF 206, MF 26, MF 36, MF 46, MF 47, MF 56, MF 57, MF 58, MF 59,
    MF 66, MF 68, MF 69, MF 86, MF 88, AFC 80, AFC 134, EFC 134, TCS 180, TCL 180,
    DXN 100, DXN 200, DXN 107, DXN 207, MFN 46, MFN 56, MFN 47, MFN 57, MFN 86, MFN 88,
    MAR 56, MAR 76, MAR 106, MAR 126, MAR 206, MAR 306, MAR 78, MAR 108, MAR 128, MAR 208,
    MAR 308, MAR 79, MAR 109, MAR 129, NU 100, NU 150, NU 220, NU 300, NW 308, NW 508,
    NW 458, NW 608, NW 1008, NW 1408, NW 307, NW 507, NW 457
[4] Approved for use in conjunction with the following models of ice machine when installed
    in accordance with manufacturers instructions:
    Cornelius - UC700-A, UC700-W, UCR700-A, UCR700-W, UCR701-A, UCR701-W, WCF110(1)-(2),
    WCF220(1)-(2), WCF51(1)-(2), WCF71(1)-(2), WCC100(1)-(2), WCC1400-R, WCC200(1)-(2),
    WCC50(1)-(2), WCC70(1)-(2), CCU0150(1)(2)(3), CCU0220(1)(2)(3), CCU0300(1)(2)(3),
    CCM0322(1)(2)(3), CCM0330(1)(2)(3), CCM0430(1)(2)(3), CCM0522(1)(2)(3),
    CCM0530(1)(2)(3), CCM0630(1)(2)(3), CCM0830(1)(2)(3), CCM1030(1)(2)(3),
    CCM1448(1)(2)(3), CCM1530(1)(2)(3), CCM1848(1)(2)(3), CCM2148(1)(2)(3)
[5] Approved for use in conjunction with the following models of ice machine when installed
    in accordance with manufacturers instructions:
    Brema - CB 1265A, CB 1265W, CB 1565A, CB 1565W, CB 184A, CB 184A INOX, CB 184W, CB 184W
    INOX, CB 246A, CB 246W, CB 249A, CB 249W, CB 316A, CB 316W, CB 416A, CB 416W, CB 425A,
    CB 425W, CB 640A, CB 640W, CB 840A, CB 840W, CB 955A, CB 955W, C 150A, C 150W, C 300A, C
    300W, C 80A, C 80W, 730521, 730522, 730523, 730524, 730527, 730528, 730531, 730532,
    730543, 730544, 730545, 730546, 730557, 730558, 730559, 730560, 730561, 730562, 730563,
    730564, 730565, 730566, 730567, 730568, 730569, 730570, 730571, 730572, 730573, 730576,
    730577, 730578, 730580, 730581, 730582, 730583, 730584, 730585, 730586, 730587, 730588,
    730589, 730759
[6] Approved for use in conjunction with the following models of ice machine when installed
    in accordance with manufacturers instructions: 
    Follett - H(A)(B)1000(C)(D)(E), H(A)(B)1400(C)(D)(E), H(A)(B)1650N(D)(E),
    H(A)(B)1650R(D)(E), H(A)(B)1800N(D)(E), H(A)(B)1800R(D)(E), H(A)(B)700(C)(D)(E),
    00947481, 00982264, 00986638, 00986646, M(A)(B)400(C)(D)(E)

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