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Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment

By The Glass International B.V. 
Bloemendaalseweg 4 A
Bloemendaal, NH, 2061 CK 
The Netherlands 
31 235 252 289
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Facility : Guangdong Province, China

Wine Dispenser

Facility : Jistebnice, Czech Republic

Wine Serving and Preservation System[1]
  F75 0630
  F75 0631
  F75 0830
  F75 0831
  F75 1030
  F75 1031
  F75 1230
  F75 1231
  F75 1430
  F75 1431
  F75 1630
  F75 1631
  F75 1830
  F75 1831
  F75 2030
  F75 2031
[1] Models are NSF Certified starting from serial number 19000.

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