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Food Equipment Materials

Guangzhou Lo·Sung Household Technology Co., Ltd. 
Rm.708, Innovation Bld., Tian An Hi-tech
Ecological Park, Panyu Ave., N. No. 555 
Panyu Dist., Guangzhou,Guangdong 511400 
86 20 22883368

Facility : # 1 China

         Maximum Temperature 
  Trade Designation  Color   Type of Food    of Use in °F 

Quartz Surfacing for Splash Zone
  F3002  New York  N/A  248° 
  F3003  Luili  N/A  248° 
  N6001  Dream Cocoa  N/A  248° 
  N6002  Red Gemstone  N/A  248° 
  N6003D  White Gemstone  N/A  248° 
  N6005D  Milan  N/A  248° 
  T5001  Brazil Crown  N/A  248° 
  T5002D  Yangushi  N/A  248° 
  T5011  Venice  N/A  248° 

Solid Surfacing for Splash Zone[
  F3005  White Crystal  N/A  248° 
  F3006D  Coffee Companion  N/A  248° 
  F3007  Ice Floe  N/A  248° 
  N6006D  Purple Gemstone  N/A  248° 
  N6007D  Purple Crystal  N/A  248° 
  T5008  Chromatic Life  N/A  248° 
  T5010  Knight  N/A  248° 
  T5011  Milan Cocoa  N/A  248° 
  T5012  Viscount  N/A  248° 
  T5013  Marquis  N/A  248° 
  T5015  Mocha  N/A  248° 
  X8001  Berlin Stars  N/A  248° 
  Z9001  Phoenix Gems  N/A  248° 
  Z9002  Black Onyx  N/A  248° 

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