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Food Equipment

Orion Energy Systems Inc. 
2210 Woodland Drive
Manitowoc, WI 54220 
United States 
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Facility : Manitowoc, WI

Light Fixture for Splash Zone and Non Food Zone

Vaportight Lighting Fixture[1] [2]
[1] (1) Single digit numerical suffix indicating length in feet.	
    (2) 2-digit alphanumeric suffix indicating lumen output.  May be A thru Z followed by 
        1 thru 9.	
    (3) 3-digit alphanumeric suffix indicating voltage.  UNV = Universal Voltage, 
        347 = 347V, 480 = 480V.	
    (4) 4-digit alphanumeric suffix indicating dimming option.  FDXX = Dimming, 
        NDXX = Non Dimming. 	
    (5) 2-digit alphabetical suffix indicating output.  BL = Bilevel Output, ST = Standard 
    (6) 3-digit numeric suffix indicating CRI/Color Temperature.  840 = 80CRI 4000K, 
        850 = 850CRI 5000K.	
    (7) Optional 3-digit alphanumeric suffix indicating power cord option.  
        Blank = hardwire, 06W = straight connector with 6 ft cord, 
        11W = straight connector with 11 ft cord, CE7 = plastic elbow 
        connector with no cord.	
    (8) Optional 4-digit alphabetical suffix indicating additional options.  
        BBXX = Battery Back Up, TVSS = 10kA surge protection.	
[2] Certified models begin with production date 12-06-2016.


Rigid Mounting Bracket

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