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Laboratory Accreditation Program

This laboratory has been inspected and is Accredited by NSF for the contaminant analyses recorded on this Official Listing in accordance with:

       - USEPA Manual for Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water
       - Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
       - The referenced individual methods

Environmental Labs & Services, Inc. 
103 Carroll Circle
Carrollton, GA 30117 
United States 

Laboratory at: Carrollton, GA

Analyses Accredited Method

Acidity SM 2310B
Alkalinity SM 2320B
Antimony SM 3111B
BOD SM 5210B
COD EPA 410.4
Cadmium SM 3111B
Calcium SM 3111B
Chloride SM 4500 Cl-C
Chromium SM 3111B
Cobalt SM 3111B
Color SM 2120B
Copper SM 3111B
Hardness SM 2340C
Iron SM 3111B
Lead SM 3111B
Magnesium SM 3111B
Manganese SM 3111B
Nickel SM 3111B
Nitrogen, Ammonia SM 4500 NH3-C
Nitrogen, Nitrate SM 4500 NO3-E
Nitrogen, Nitrite SM 4500 NO2-B
Nitrogen, Total kjeldahl SM 4500-Norg
Oil & Grease
EPA 413.1
EPA 1664
PH SM 4500 H+B
Phosphorus SM 4500-P B,E
Potassium SM 3111B
Silver SM 3111B
Sodium SM 3111B
Solids, Total SM 2540B
Solids, Total Dissolved SM 2540C
Solids, Total Suspended SM 2540D
Solids, Volatile EPA 160.4
Turbidity EPA 180.1
Zinc SM 3111B
NOTE: Inspection due by May, 2015
NOTE: This laboratory has been inspected in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025
      General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration
NOTE: All analyses are fully Accredited unless otherwise noted.
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