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Laboratory Accreditation Program

This laboratory has been inspected and is Accredited by NSF for the contaminant analyses recorded on this Official Listing in accordance with:

       - USEPA Manual for Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water
       - Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
       - The referenced individual methods

U.S. NavSta, Rota, Spain 
Public Works Department
Utilities Division, Laboratory 
Psc 819 Box 9, Fpo Ae 09645-1700 
34 95 682 23 30

Laboratory at: Rota, Spain

Analyses Accredited Method

Fecal Coliform SM 9221E
Heterotrophic Plate Counts SM 9215B
Total Coliform by Presence/Absence SM 9221D
Total Coliforms by Membrane Filtration SM 9222B w/confirmation of E. coli by EC Broth+Mug

Calcium SM 2340 C
Carbon Dioxide SM 4500 CO2-D
Chlorides SM 4500 Cl-B
Color SM 2120 C
Conductivity SM 2510 B
Corrosivity SM 2330 B
Fluoride SM 4500 F-C
Free Chlorine SM 4500 Cl-G
Magnesium SM 3500 Mg
Nitrate SM 4500 NO3-D
Nitrite SM 4500 N02-B
Odor SM 2150
Ortho-Phosphorus SM 4500 P-E
TTMs EPA Method 502.2
Taste SM 2160
Total Alkalinity SM 2320 B
Total Dissolved Solids SM 2540 C
Total and Calcium Hardness SM 2340 C
Turbidity SM 2130 B
UV-Absorbing Compounds SM 5910 B
pH SM 4500 H+B
NOTE: Inspection due by December 2018.
NOTE: All analyses are fully Accredited unless otherwise noted.
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