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Mechanical Plumbing Products

Blanco Canada Inc. 
37 Jutland Road
Toronto, ON M8Z 2G6 

Facility : # 1 Italy

Product Type   Material Type   Trade Name   Product Standard

Faucets+ ¢ §
Blanco Canada Inc.
ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1

One Way Tap Cold Water
ART.400505   ART.400524   ART.401458   ART.401459  

One Way Wall Sink Tap for Cold Water
ART.400525   ART.400526  

Single Lever Mixer with Swivel Spout
ART.400544   ART.400545   ART.400570   ART.400571  
ART.400572   ART.401217   ART.403812   ART.403817  
ART.403818   ART.403819   ART.403825  

Single Lever Sink Mixer with Pull-Out Shower
ART.400518   ART.400519   ART.400546   ART.400547  
ART.400548   ART.400549   ART.400566   ART.401081  
ART.401084   ART.401085   ART.401086   ART.401218  
ART.401219   ART.401220   ART.401221   ART.401222  
ART.401315   ART.401316   ART.401317   ART.401318  
ART.401319   ART.401320   ART.401321   ART.401322  
ART.401323   ART.401324   ART.401450   ART.401451  
ART.401452   ART.401453   ART.401454   ART.401455  
ART.401456   ART.401457   ART.401567   ART.401568  
ART.402043   ART.403760   ART.403803   ART.403804  
ART.403805   ART.403806   ART.403809   ART.403810  
ART.403811   ART.403823   ART.403826   ART.403827  
ART.403830   ART.403831   ART.403832   ART.403840  
ART.403842   ART.403844   ART.403846   ART.403847  
ART.403848   ART.440520   ART.440521   ART.441210  
ART.441328   ART.441517  

Sink Mixer with Pull-Out Hand Shower
ART.400558   ART.400559   ART.400560   ART.400561  
ART.400562   ART.401092  

Sink Mixer with Pull-Out Shower
ART.401087   ART.401088   ART.401089   ART.401223  
ART.401224   ART.401227   ART.401228   ART.401229  
ART.401230   ART.401460   ART.401461   ART.401462  

Sink Mixer with Swivel Spout
ART.400550   ART.400551  

Two Hole Sink Mixer with Two Swivel Spout
ART.400522   ART.400523  

+ Material complies with NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 health effects requirements when tested at 73° F.
¢ Product is authorized to bear the cNSF and/or the cNSFus Mark.
§ Product is Certified to the Uniform Plumbing Code™. Installation in accordance with the
  manufacturer's instructions and the requirements of the latest edition of the Uniform
  Plumbing Code™.

NOTE: Only products bearing the NSF Mark are Certified.

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