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Mechanical Plumbing Products

AQC Industries, LLC 
2920 Centre Pointe Drive
Roseville, MN 55113 
United States 

Facility : Minneapolis, MN

Product Type   Material Type   Trade Name   Product Standard

Air Duct
Aggressive Industries
BLUE:10-2511 End Cap   BLUE:10-2515 Inline Boot (4 x 12)   BLUE:10-2520 Tee   BLUE:10-2530 90/45 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:10-2531 22.5 Degree Elbow   BLUE:10-2532 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:10-2533 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:10-2540 Round Reducer[1]  
BLUE:10-2545 Round Reducer[1]   BLUE:10-2550 Offset Saddle[2]   BLUE:10-2560 Plenum Adapter with Screws   BLUE:10-2570 Center Saddle[2]  
BLUE:12-2510 Pipe[1]   BLUE:12-2511 End Cap   BLUE:12-2520 Tee   BLUE:12-2530 90/45 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:12-2531 22.5 Degree Elbow   BLUE:12-2532 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:12-2533 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:12-2540 Reducer  
BLUE:12-2547 Reducer[1]   BLUE:12-2550 Offset Saddle[2]   BLUE:12-2551 Offset Saddle[3]   BLUE:12-2560 Plenum Adapter with Screws  
BLUE:12-2577 Saddle Reducer   BLUE:14-2510 Pipe[1]   BLUE:14-2511 End Cap   BLUE:14-2530 90/45 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:14-2531 22.5 Degree Elbow   BLUE:14-2532 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:14-2533 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:14-2560 Plenum Adapter with Screws  
BLUE:14-2575 Wye   BLUE:14-2577 Saddle Reducer   BLUE:16-2510 Pipe[1]   BLUE:16-2511 End Cap  
BLUE:16-2530 90/45 Degree Elbow   BLUE:16-2531 22.5 Degree Elbow   BLUE:16-2532 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:16-2533 11.25 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:16-2540 Reducer   BLUE:16-2547 Reducer   BLUE:16-2560 Plenum Adapter with Screws   BLUE:16-2575 Wye  
BLUE:16-2577 Saddle Reducer   BLUE:16-3510F Pipe with Flange   BLUE:18-2510 Pipe[1]   BLUE:18-2511 End Cap  
BLUE:18-2530 90/45 Degree Elbow   BLUE:18-2531 22.5 Degree Elbow   BLUE:18-2532 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:18-2533 11.25 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:18-2560 Plenum Adapter with Screws   BLUE:18-2577 Saddle Reducer - Round   BLUE:18-3510F Pipe with Flange[1]   BLUE:20-0010 Plenum Adapter[4]  
BLUE:20-0015 Plenum Adapter[4]   BLUE:20-0050 Boot Extension   BLUE:20-0061 Linear Diffuser   BLUE:20-0062 Linear Diffuser  
BLUE:20-0063 Linear Diffuser   BLUE:20-3510F Pipe with Flange   BLUE:20-3530F 90/45 Degree Elbow with Flange   BLUE:20-3531F 22.5 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:20-3532F 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:20-3533F 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:20-3541F Eccentric Reducer with Flange   BLUE:20-3542F Eccentric Reducer with Flange  
BLUE:20-3575F Tee/Wye   BLUE:24-3510F Pipe with Flange   BLUE:24-3530F 90/45 Degree Elbow with Flange   BLUE:24-3531F 22.5 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:24-3532F 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:24-3533F 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:24-3541F Eccentric Reducer with Flange   BLUE:24-3542F Eccentric Reducer with Flange  
BLUE:24-3543F Eccentric Reducer with Flange   BLUE:24-3575F Tee/Wye   BLUE:30-3510F Pipe with Flange[1]   BLUE:30-3530F 90/45 Degree Elbow with Flange  
BLUE:30-3531F 22.5 Degree Elbow   BLUE:30-3532F 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:30-3533F 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:30-3542F Eccentric Reducer with Flange  
BLUE:30-3575F Tee/Wye   BLUE:36-3510F Pipe with Flange[1]   BLUE:36-3530F 90/45 Degree Elbow with Flange   BLUE:36-3531F 22.5 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:36-3532F 15 Degree Elbow   BLUE:36-3533F 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:36-3543F Eccentric Reducer with Flange   BLUE:36-3575F Tee/Wye  
BLUE:48-3510F Pipe with Flange[1]   BLUE:48-3530F 90/45 Degree Elbow with Flange   BLUE:48-3531F 22.5 Degree Elbow   BLUE:48-3532F 15 Degree Elbow  
BLUE:48-3533F 11.25 Degree Elbow   BLUE:48-3575F Tee/Wye   Blue 10-2510 Pipe[1]   CLAMPS:10-0080 Clamps & Gasket Set  
CLAMPS:12-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set   CLAMPS:14-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set   CLAMPS:16-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set   CLAMPS:16-0100 Stainless Steel Clamp  
CLAMPS:16-0912 Wide W6403 Gasket   CLAMPS:18-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set   CLAMPS:18-0100 Stainless Steel Clamp   CLAMPS:18-0912 Wide W6403 Gasket  
CLAMPS:20-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set   CLAMPS:24-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set   CLAMPS:30-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set   CLAMPS:36-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set  
CLAMPS:48-0081 Clamps & Gasket Set  

[1] Undergound Air Duct Systems 10 inches in diameter and greater are Certified to NSF
    Protocol P374. For Listed duct components which transition to smaller diameter duct
    sizes, the air duct thermal efficiency of the system following the transition to
    smaller size has not been determined.
[2] 4" x 12" boot with screws.
[3] 4" x 24" boot with screws.
[4] With 12" piece and end cap.

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