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NSF P335
Hygienic Commercial Hand Dryers

Dyson Technology Limited 
Tetbury Hill
Wiltshire SN16 0RP 
United Kingdom 
44 166 682 7200
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Facility : Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Airblade Hand Dryer
  Airblade AB05 240V
  Airblade AB06 120V
  Airblade AB06 230V
  Airblade AB07 120V
  Airblade AB07 230V
  Airblade AB08 120V
  Airblade AB08 230V
  Airblade AB12 100V
  Airblade AB12 120V
  Airblade AB12 200V
  Airblade AB12 230V
  Airblade AB14 100V
  Airblade AB14 115V
  Airblade AB14 200V
  Airblade AB14 230V
  Airblade HU02 - 100V
  Airblade HU02 - 120V
  Airblade HU02 - 200V
  Airblade HU02 - 230V
Airblade Tap Hand Dryer
  Airblade AB09 120V
  Airblade AB09 200V
  Airblade AB09 230V
  Airblade AB10 120V
  Airblade AB10 200V
  Airblade AB10 230V
  Airblade AB11 120V
  Airblade AB11 200V
  Airblade AB11 230V

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