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NSF P151
Health Effects from Rainwater Catchment System Components

Henry Company 
999 North Sepulveda Boulevard
Suite 800 
El Segundo, CA 90245 
United States 

Facility : LaGrange, OH

Rooftop Coatings[1]
  Henry 887 Tropi-Cool® 100% Silicone White Roof Coating
  Henry 887G Tropi-Cool® 100% Silicone Gray Roof Coating
  Henry 887T Tropi-Cool® 100% Silicone Tan Roof Coating
  Henry® 487 100% Silicone White Roof Coating
  Pro-Grade® 986 Silicone Dark Gray Base Coat
  Pro-Grade® 986 Silicone Light Gray Base Coat
  Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone Gray Roof Coating
  Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone Light Gray Roof Coating
  Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone Tan Roof Coating
  Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone White Roof Coating

[1] Colors: Bright White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Gray, Tan
    Number of coats: 1-3
    Maximum field use dry film thickness (in mils): 30 mils (Maximum 15 mils per coat)
    Maximum thinner: None
    Recoat cure time and temperature: 24 hours at 100°F
    Final cure time and temperature: 48 hours at 100°F

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