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Food Equipment

Blickle U.S.A. Wheels and Casters, Inc. 
75 Coweta Industrial Parkway
Newnan, GA 30265 
United States 
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Facility : Newnan, GA


  LEXR-POTH 100KD-AH077-SC12X40-932782
  LEXR-POTH 100KD-FI-AH077-SC12X40-932783
[1] (1) K     - Heavy duty construction (thicker steel)
        Blank - standard steel. 
    (2) X     - Stainless steel rig material
        Blank - zinc plated steel. 
    (3) Wheel Designation: 
        POA  - Molded black Nylon
        PATH - TPU tread on Nylon core
        TPA  - TPE tread on Polypropylene core
        PO   - molded white Nylon
        GSPO - Cast Nylon, machined, beige
        VPA  - Molded rubber on Nylon core
        VGA  - Molded Rubber on Polypropylene
        VSTH - polyurethand tread, steel core
    (4) Wheel Diameter (In millimeters, 35 thru 150)
    (5) Wheel Bearing (G = no bearing, K = precision ball bearing, XK = stainless steel 
    (6) Brake or other option (Blank = no option, FI = stop fix brake, FK = thread guards)
[2] (1)  S - Swivel caster or R - rigid caster
    (2)  X - Stainless steel parts
         Blank is carbon steel, zinc plated.
    (3)  Wheel designation (C, HRP, NMB, PB, PH, PRP, R, RCP, RP, RY, UP, URP, or UY)
    (4)  Wheel diameter. An Alpha/Numeric code that indicates the diameter of the wheel (030
    - 3”, 035 - 3.5”, 040 - 4”, etc.)
    (5)  Wheel option.  
         N - Narrow
         W - Wide
         Blank is standard width for the indicated wheel diameter.
    (6)  Bearing designation. An Alpha/Numeric code that indicates the type of bearing used
    in the wheels.
         B  - Ball bearing
         G  - Plain bore
         K  - Precision ball bearing
         KP - Precision pedestal ball bearing
         D  - Delrin bearing
         R  - Roller bearing
    (7)  Bearing modifier
         X - Stainless steel
         Blank is standard carbon steel.
    (8)  Mounting code. An Alpha/Numeric code that indicates the type of top plate or stem
    that is used to attach the caster to the equipment.
         Hx  - Hollow kingpin
         SP  - Pipe thread stem
         Px  - Plate
         Qx  - Square stem
         SGx - Grip-ring stem
         STx - Threaded stem (x - optional size/length indicator), flat plates are -12, -14,
    -15, -16, -18.
    (9)  Brake option
         TB  - Total-lock brake
         TBF - Field installable TB
         TBL - Field installable leading edge TB brake
         CB  - Cam brake
         DL  - Directional lock
         WB  - Wheel brake
         WK  - Field installable trailing edge wheel brake
         SB  - Side wheel brake
    (10) Optional features
         AM - Anti-microbial
         BP - Black powder coat
         CF - Chrome finish
         EL - Electrically conductive
         AS - Anti-static

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