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Food Equipment

QC Industries LLC 
4057 Clough Woods Drive
Batavia, OH 45103 
United States 
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Facility : Batavia, OH

Conveyer Systems

HydroClean[1] [4]
[1] Certification starting with serial number 910000.
[4] (1) 2 numerical digits indicating width of conveyor in inches.  Example: 04 = 
        4" wide,  24 = 24" wide		
    (2) Up to three numerical digits indicating length of conveyor in inches. 
        Example: 60 = 60" Long,  216 = 216" Long				
    (3) Single alphabetical digit indicating drive location, A, B, C, or D are 
        acceptable.  A = Left hand pulling, B= Right hand pulling, C = Right 
        hand pushing, D = Left hand pushing				
    (4) Single numerical digit indicating frame mounting holes information, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
        or 6 are acceptable.  1 = no holes, 2 = side rail holes 3 = holes for stands 4 = 
        holes for stands and side rail holes, 5 = heavy duty motor stands, and 6 = heavy 
        duty motor stands and side rail holes				
    (5) Three alphabetical digits indicating type of conveyor belt material used on model, 
        KVA, KVB, PVF and MVG are acceptable.

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