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White Book™ - Nonfood Compounds Listing Directory

Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds

Alex C. Fergusson, LLC Visit this company's website
  AFCO 5223 Sani-Kleen 155408 A1  
  AFCO 5237 Super Alk HD 155415 A1  
  AFCO 5240 Liquid Fryer Cleaner 155403 A1  
  AFCO 5249 Scrubbie 155407 A1  
  AFCO 5277 ALDIE 126585 A1  
  AFCO 5279 ALDIE HF 126584 A1  
  AFCO 5282 McShine HF 155414 A3  
  AFCO 5294 NO PHOSCID 014945 A3  
  AFCO 5313 Liquid Smokehouse Cleaner 155404 A1  
  AFCO 5339 Super Power Foam CL 155405 A1  
  AFCO 5344 Shine-O-LA 155406 A3  
  AFCO 5380 Poni Acid 155409 A3  
  AFCO 5558 PET LUBE 125980 H2  
  AFCO 5560 CLEAN TRAC S 125981 H2  
  AFCO 5733 Rail Magic 155413 H2  
  Per-Ox 155417 D2  
  Vigil-Quat 155416 D2  
  Wyandotte Sanifect D2 150333 D2  
  Wyandotte Sanifect E3 Hand Sanitizer 149764 E3  

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