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White Book™ - Nonfood Compounds Listing Directory

Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds

Interflon BV Visit this company's website
  Interflon Assembly Grease 157210 H2  
  Interflon Bio Weld 15 + 142706 A1  
  Interflon Degreaser EM30+ 128500 K1, K3  
  Interflon Degreaser EM30+ (aerosol) 128501 K1, K3  
  Interflon Degreaser H1 (aerosol) 156455 H1  
  Interflon Dry Clean Stainless Steel (aerosol) 138020 A7  
  Interflon Eco Clean All 143538 A1  
  Interflon Eco Cleaner 155960 A1  
  Interflon Eco Degreaser 153150 A1  
  Interflon Eco EM100+ 141221 K1, K3  
  Interflon Film WB 144640 H2  
  Interflon Fin Clean All 128223 A1  
  Interflon Fin Clean Special 142442 A3  
  Interflon Fin Grease (aerosol) 123184 H1  
  Interflon Fluor Grease 2 138255 H1  
  Interflon Foam Clean (aerosol) 138681 A1  
  Interflon Food Grease 000 119638 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease 1 122684 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease 2 123822 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease EP 123607 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease HD00 147480 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease HD2 146691 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease HD2 (aerosol) 148093 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease LT2 123533 H1  
  Interflon Food Grease MP2 144597 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube 122876 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube (aerosol) 122875 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube AL 119640 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube G (aerosol) 136508 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube G100 122318 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube G150 122319 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube G220 119641 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube G320 128800 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube G460 149123 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube G680 149124 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube GSC46 128804 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube H32 128813 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube H46 122864 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube H68 128806 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube HT 150687 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube LT 140122 H1  
  Interflon Food Lube PN32 119639 H1  
  Interflon Grease 1 BR 153407 H2  
  Interflon Grease HS2 148913 H2  
  Interflon Grease HTG 123419 H2  
  Interflon Grease HTG (aerosol) 136435 H2  
  Interflon Grease MP00 143966 H2  
  Interflon Grease MP1 145889 H2  
  Interflon Grease MP2/3 144639 H2  
  Interflon Lube AL BR 153408 H2  
  Interflon Lube HT 123418 H2  
  Interflon Lube HT (aerosol) 123534 H2  
  Interflon Lube HT/SF 123400 H2  
  Interflon Metal Clean (aerosol) 140150 A1  
  Interflon Paste HT1200 122320 H1  
  Interflon Paste HT1200 (aerosol) 137221 H1  
  Interflon Power Wipes 141508 C1  
  Interflon Slide Wax Dry (aerosol) 139528 H2  
  Interflon White Grease 141965 H1  

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