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Cation Exchange Water Softeners

Wenzhou Runxin Manufacturing Machine Co., Ltd. 
No. 169 Runxin Road, Shanfu Town
Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325021 
86 577 88633758
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Facility : Wenzhou, China

  Flow Rate      
Brand Name / Trade Name / Model (gpm)   Claim    

0835X116[1] 9.6   Hardness Reduction[HR]    
0935X116[2] 10.3   Hardness Reduction[HR]    
1035X116[3] 10.9   Hardness Reduction[HR]    

[1] X-Exterior code (B, C, E, EO, G, H, I, J, L)
[2] X-Exterior code (B, E, EO, G, H, I, J, L)
[3] X-Exterior code (B, E, EO, G, H, I, L)
[HR] Hardness Reduction indicates that the published capacity ratings for reducing hardness
     have been verified.

COMPONENTS: Valves, Water Softener[4]
TM.F56AQ[6] [7]        
TM.F56BQ[6] [7]        
TM.F56CQ[6] [7]        
TM.F56EQ[6] [7]        
TM.F56FQ[6] [7]        
TM.F63RX[6] [8]        
TM.F64AQ[6] [7]        
TM.F64BQ[6] [7]        
TM.F64CQ[6] [7]        
TM.F64EQ[6] [7]        
TM.F65RY[6] [8] [9]        
TM.F68RX[6] [8] [9]        
TM.F69RY[6] [8] [9]        
TM.F71R[6] [8]        
TM.F79R[8] [10]        
TM.F82RX[8] [9] [11]        
TM.F92RX[8] [9] [12]        
TM.F92RX/F70E[8] [9] [12]        
aquex 610410[6]        
aquex 610413[6]        
aquex 610416[6]        
aquex 610418[6]        

[4] Conforms to material and structural integrity requirements only.
[5] Certified for use with tank sizes 8" x 35" or larger.  This product is certified for 1
    unit per 14.4 L.
[6] Certified for use with tank sizes 8 x 17 and larger.
    The product is Certified for a maximum use level of 0.21 units per L.
[7] "Q" refers to the material of hand shank and is denoted as a 1,2 or 3, which represent
    different materials.
[8] "R" refers to the configuration of control box and is denoted as A, B, C, etc, which
    represent different configurations.
[9] "X" refers to the 1" flow meters and may either be 1(by time) or 3 (by flow) to denote
    the measurement and "Y" refers to the 3/4" flow meters and may either be 1 (by time) or
    3 (by flow).
[10] Certified for use with tank sizes 7 x 13 and larger.
[11] Certified for use with tank sizes 7 x 44 and larger.
[12] Certified for use with tank sizes 10 x 54 and larger.

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