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Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects

Anhui Chiro Technology Co., Ltd. 
No. 2 Industrial Avenue, Tiancheng
Industrial Zone, Jinghu District 
Wuhu, Anhui 241000 
86 553 8436 698
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Facility : Anhui, China


COMPONENTS: Filter Cartridges
Inline Filter Cartridge CRK33-GAC[3]  
Inline Filter Cartridge CRK33-PP[3]  
Inline Filter Cartridge CRQCK33-GAC[3]  
Inline Filter Cartridge CRQCK33-PP[3]  
Inline Filter Cartridge CRT33-GAC[3]  

[1] Conforms to material requirements only.
[2] X - Outer Diameter: 50 mm - 150 mm
    Y - Length: 101 mm - 1016 mm
    Inner Diameter: 10 mm - 50 mm
    Micron Rating:0.5 µm - 20 µm
[3] Conforms to material and structural integrity requirements.

COMPONENTS: Filter Housings[1] [Pb]
CR-FH10 X 1/4"  

[1] Conforms to material requirements only.
[4] For models CR-BBH10DBLYYZZ and CR-BBH20DBLYYZZ:
    10 - 10" length
    20 - 20" length
    D  - Double O-ring
    BL - Blue or Black body color
    YY - Cap port size (3/4", 1")
    ZZ - Pressure relief
[5] For model CR-FH10DYY:
    D  - Double O-ring
    YY - Cap port size (1/4", 1/2", 3/4")
[Pb] Product also evaluated and determined to possess weighted average lead content of
     <=0.25% and complies with lead content requirements for “lead free” plumbing as defined
     by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana state laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking
     Water Act.

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