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  NSF/ANSI  2 - Food Equipment
NSF/ANSI  3 - Commercial Warewashing Equipment
NSF/ANSI  4 - Commercial Cooking, Rethermalization and Powered Hot Food Holding and       Transport Equipment
NSF/ANSI  5 - Water Heaters, Hot Water Supply Boilers, and Heat Recovery Equipment
NSF/ANSI  6 - Dispensing Freezers
NSF/ANSI  7 - Commercial Refrigerators and Storage Freezers
NSF/ANSI  8 - Commercial Powered Food Preparation Equipment
NSF/ANSI 12 - Automatic Ice Making Equipment
NSF/ANSI 13 - Refuse Processors and Processing Systems
NSF/ANSI 18 - Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment
NSF/ANSI 20 - Commercial Bulk Milk Dispensing Equipment
NSF/ANSI 21 - Thermoplastic Refuse Containers
NSF/ANSI 25 - Vending Machines For Food and Beverages
NSF/ANSI 29 - Detergent and Chemical Feeders for Commercial Spray-Type Dishwashing       Machines
NSF/ANSI 35 - High Pressure Decorative Laminates for Surfacing Food Service Equipment
NSF/ANSI 37 - Air Curtains for Entranceways in Food and Food Service Establishments
NSF/ANSI 51 - Food Equipment Materials
NSF/ANSI 52 - Supplemental Flooring
NSF/ANSI 59 - Mobile Food Carts
NSF/ANSI 169 - Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices
NSF P149 - Oven Mitts Used in Commercial Food Service
NSF P155 - Disposable Food Contact Gloves
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