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Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content

Dwyer Instruments, Inc. 
102 Indiana Highway 212
Michigan City, IN 46360 
United States 
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Facility : Kingsbury, IN


[1] 62 Product Series 
    x  - Sensor Accuracy: 6, 7, or 8 
    a  - Sensor Range and Units: 00-99 
    b  - Housing Type: CH, CB, or GH 
    c  - Fitting Thread Form: P1 - P10 
    d  - Electrical Cable and Connection: E1 - E9 
    e  - Electrical Output: S1 - S7 
    NW - indicates NSF Certification

Facility : Michigan City, IN


[1] This sensor will be used in pipe sizes of 4 inches in diameter and larger.
    X   - Accuracy rating (Any letter A-Z)
    Y   - Process connection (Any letter A-Z)
    Z   - Electrical connection (Any alphanumeric sequence)
    OPT - Options (Any alphanumeric sequence – pertains to non-wetted components that do not
          impact Certification (i.e. electrical connections, pressure ranges, display, 
          communication protocol) 
    NW  - NSF Certified
    NSF Certified models do not include brass valve, fitting, or pipe.

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