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Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content

The Nawaplastic Industries (Saraburi) Co., Ltd. 
1 Siam Cement Road
Bangsue, Bangkok 10800 
66 2555 0888
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Facility : # 2 China

Fittings[1] [LL]
   LESSO PPR Fittings

[1] Configurations include:
    PP-R-1301 (16mm)
    PP-R-1302 (20mm)
    PP-R-1303 (25mm)
    PP-R-1304 (32mm)
    PP-R-1305 (40mm)
    PP-R-1306 (50mm)
    PP-R-1307 (63mm)
    PP-R-1308 (75mm)
    PP-R-1309 (90mm)
    PP-R-1310 (110mm)
    PP-R-1313 (160mm)
    90° Elbow
    PP-R-1001 (16mm)
    PP-R-1002 (20mm)
    PP-R-1003 (25mm)
    PP-R-1004 (32mm)
    PP-R-1005 (40mm)
    PP-R-1006 (50mm)
    PP-R-1007 (63mm)
    PP-R-1008 (75mm)
    PP-R-1009 (90mm)
    PP-R-1010 (110mm)
    PP-R-1013 (160mm)
    PP-R-1501 (16mm)
    PP-R-1502 (20mm)
    PP-R-1503 (25mm)
    PP-R-1504 (32mm)
    PP-R-1505 (40mm)
    PP-R-1506 (50mm)
    PP-R-1507 (63mm)
    PP-R-1508 (75mm)
    PP-R-1509 (90mm)
    PP-R-1510 (110mm)
    PP-R-1513 (160mm)
    PP-R-0901 (16mm)
    PP-R-0902 (20mm)
    PP-R-0903 (25mm)
    PP-R-0904 (32mm)
    PP-R-0905 (40mm)
    PP-R-0906 (50mm)
    PP-R-0907 (63mm)
    PP-R-0908 (75mm)
    PP-R-0909 (90mm)
    PP-R-0910 (110mm)
    PP-R-0913 (160mm)
    PP-R-1401 (20×16mm)
    PP-R-1402 (25×16mm)
    PP-R-1403 (25×20mm)
    PP-R-1404 (32×16mm)
    PP-R-1405 (32×20mm)
    PP-R-1406 (32×25mm)
    PP-R-1407 (40×20mm)
    PP-R-1408 (40×25mm)
    PP-R-1409 (40×32mm)
    PP-R-1410 (50×20mm)
    PP-R-1411 (50×25mm)
    PP-R-1412 (50×32mm)
    PP-R-1413 (50×40mm)
    PP-R-1414 (63×25mm)
    PP-R-1415 (63×32mm)
    PP-R-1416 (63×40mm)
    PP-R-1417 (63×50mm)
    PP-R-1418 (75×32mm)
    PP-R-1419 (75×40mm)
    PP-R-1420 (75×50mm)
    PP-R-1421 (75×63mm)
    PP-R-1422 (90×40mm)
    PP-R-1424 (90×63mm)
    PP-R-1425 (90×75mm)
    PP-R-1426 (110×50mm)
    PP-R-1427 (110×63mm)
    PP-R-1428 (110×75mm)
    PP-R-1429 (110×90mm)
    PP-R-1430 (160×110mm)
    PP-R-1431 (160×90mm)
    Reducing Tee
    PP-R-1201 (20×16mm)
    PP-R-1202 (20×25mm)
    PP-R-1203 (25×16mm)
    PP-R-1204 (25×25×20mm)
    PP-R-1205 (25×20×20mm)
    PP-R-1206 (32×16mm)
    PP-R-1207 (32×20mm)
    PP-R-1208 (32×25mm)
    PP-R-1209 (40×20mm)
    PP-R-1210 (40×25mm)
    PP-R-1211 (40×32mm)
    PP-R-1212 (50×20mm)
    PP-R-1213 (50×25mm)
    PP-R-1231 (110×90mm)
    PP-R-1232 (160×110mm)
    PP-R-1233 (160×90mm)
    PP-R-1214 (50×32mm)
    PP-R-1215 (50×40mm)
    PP-R-1216 (63×25mm)
    PP-R-1217 (63×26mm)
    PP-R-1218 (63×40mm)
    PP-R-1219 (63×50mm)
    PP-R-1220 (75×32mm)
    PP-R-1221 (75×40mm)
    PP-R-1222 (75×50mm)
    PP-R-1223 (75×63mm)
    PP-R-1224 (90×40mm)
    PP-R-1225 (90×50mm)
    PP-R-1226 (90×63mm)
    PP-R-1227 (90×75mm)
    PP-R-1228 (110×50mm)
    PP-R-1229 (110×63mm)
    PP-R-1230 (110×75mm)
    PP-R-1101 (16mm)
    PP-R-1102 (20mm)
    PP-R-1103 (25mm)
    PP-R-1104 (32mm)
    PP-R-1105 (40mm)
    PP-R-1106 (50mm)
    PP-R-1107 (63mm)
    PP-R-1108 (75mm)
    PP-R-1109 (90mm)
    PP-R-1110 (110mm)
    PP-R-1113 (160mm)
[LL] Product conforms with lead content requirements for “lead free” plumbing as defined by
     California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana state laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water

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