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Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated for Materials, Certification is only for the Water Contact Material shown in the Listing. Click here for a list of Abbreviations used in these Listings. Click here for the definitions of Water Contact Temperatures denoted in these Listings.

Plastic Trends DBA NAPCO Pipe and Fittings 
56400 Mound Road
Shelby Township, MI 48316 
United States 
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Facility : Shelby Township, MI

Pipes and Related Products

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Trade Designation Size Temp Material

D604 Stop Coupling 4" CLD 23 PVC
D606 Stop Coupling 6" CLD 23 PVC
D608 Stop Coupling 8" CLD 23 PVC
D1604 Cap 4" CLD 23 PVC
D1604.500 End Cap 4 1/2" CLD 23 PVC
D1606 Cap 6" CLD 23 PVC
D1606.250 End Cap 6 1/4" CLD 23 PVC
D1608 Cap 8" CLD 23 PVC
D6010 Stop Coupling 10" CLD 23 PVC
D6012 Stop Coupling 12" CLD 23 PVC
D16010 Cap 10" CLD 23 PVC
D16012 Cap 12" CLD 23 PVC
NAPCO Yelomine™ 3" CLD 23 MLTPL
NAPCO Yelomine™ Certa-Lok® 2" - 4" CLD 23 MLTPL
Tapped Tee 6"X6" CIOD IB 3/4" - 2" CLD 23 PVC
Tapped Tee 8"X8" CIOD IB 3/4" - 2" CLD 23 PVC

* Trade names can be represented by PTI, PTI-Logo, Plastic Trend Inc, Royal Pipe Systems,
  or NAPCO.

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