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PT Freeman Carbon Indonesia 
Desa Haduyang
Jalan Stasiun Kereta Api Tegeneneng 
Bandar Lampung 
62 217 227 413
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Facility : Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Process Media

    Water Water
    Contact Contact
Trade Designation Size Temp Material

Granular Activated Carbon[1]
FCI 1030 LPF 10 x 30 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 1230 LPF 12 x 30 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 1240 LPF 12 x 40 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 2040 LPF 20 x 40 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 2050 LPF 20 x 50 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 3060 LPF 30 x 60 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 3070 LPF 30 x 70 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 814 LPF 8 x 14 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 816 LPF 8 x 16 mesh CLD 23 GAC
FCI 830 LPF 8 x 30 mesh CLD 23 GAC

[1] The carbon source is coconut shell.

NOTE: Certified for water treatment plant applications.
      This product has not been evaluated for point of use applications.

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