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Kerox Ltd. 
Industrial Park, Kerox Str. 1
Sóskút H-2038 
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Facility : Sóskút, Hungary

Mechanical Plumbing Devices

Trade Designation      

Faucet Cartridges
BK 40A P[1]      
BK 40A P_NOTL[1]      
BK 40B P[1]      
BK 40B P_NOTL[1]      
BK 42C P[1]      
BK 42CP_NOTL[1]      
BK 42D P[1]      
BK 42D P_NOTL[1]      
BSD 40 B[1]      
BSDR 40 B [1]      
K 25[2]      
K 25 Delta M4 [2]      
K 25 BJ      
K 25 BS      
K 25 Delta[2]      
K 25 HF[1]      
K 25 LF Delta DLC[2]      
K 25 ND[1]      
K 25 OPC[1]      
K 25 OPC DLC      
K 25 OPH[1]      
K 25B[2]      
K 25H[2]      
K 25OP[2]      
K 28 StopGo      
K 35 A HWS FRANKE      
K 35 A HWS KWC      
K 35 A ND[1]      
K 35 A Smart      
K 35 B HWS KWC      
K 35 B Smart      
K 35 BB      
K 35 LOGO HF[1]      
K 35 LOGO ZK[1]      
K 35 OP A[1]      
K 35 OP A HWS KWC      
K 35 OP B[1]      
K 35 SC      
K 40 A HWS ND      
K 40 A Smart      
K 40 B Smart      
K 42 C HWS ND      
K 45 I[2]      
K 45 II[2]      
K 45 P      
K5 VC[1]      
KC 35 A[1]      
KC 35 B[1]      
KDN 28[2]      
KDN 35 A[2]      
KDN 35 B[2]      
KDN 35 HT A[1]      
KDN 35 HT B[1]      
KDS5 40[1]      
KDS5 40 S[1]      
KDZ 28[2]      
KDZ 35 A[2]      
KDZ 35 B[2]      
KDZ 35 C[2]      
KDZ 35 HT A [1]      
KDZ 35 HT B [1]      
KH 25 OP[1]      
KH 25 OPC[1]      
KJ 25[2]      
KN 36[1]      
KN 41 A HWS ND[1]      
KNC 40 A[1]      
KNC 40 B[1]      
KNH 40[1]      
KO 40 A[1]      
KO 40 B[1]      
KRB 28[2]      
KRB 35 A[2]      
KRB 35 B[2]      
KRJ 28[2]      
KRJ 35 A[2]      
KRJ 35 B[2]      
KRJ 35 C[2]      
KRJ 35 D[2]      
KS 35 A[1]      
KS 35 A P[1]      
KS 35 B[1]      
KS 35 B HWS ECO P[1]      
KVP 40[1]      
NKB 25 A[1]      
NKB 25 BJ[1]      
NKB 25 BS[1]      
NKB 35 A[1]      
NKB 35 B[1]      
NKB 35 BB[1]      
NKB 35 D[1]      
NKB 35 OP[1]      
NKB 35 SC[1]      
NKB 40 A[1]      
NKB 40 B[1]      
NKJ 25 A[1]      
NKJ 25 BJ[1]      
NKJ 25 BS[1]      
NKJ 35 A [1]      
NKJ 35 B[1]      
NKJ 35 BB[1]      
NKJ 35 C[1]      
NKJ 35 SC[1]      
NKJ 40 A[2]      
NKJ 40 B[2]      

[1] Alpha Code Before Number:
    BK       - Water & Energy saving
    BSD      - Bath-shower diverter/inverter containing_standard (with volume control)
    BSDR     - Bath-shower diverter/inverter containing_rotary (temperature control only)
    K and K2 - Standard models
    K3       - 3-way diverter
    K5       - 5-way diverter
    KDS5     - Serial 5 way diverter
    KDZ      - Mixing diverter with closed position
    KDN      - Mixing diverter with open position only
    KJ       - Kerox joystick
    KN       - Advanced standard model
    KNC      - Advanced standard comfort model
    KNH      - Advanced standard, customized model
    KO       - Standard model for line fittings
    KRJ      - Cycling rotary, open to right CCW
    KRB      - Cycling rotary, open to left CW
    KS       - Standard model with still stem
    KVP      - Customized diverter of KDN type
    NKJ      - Energy-saving single-lever type open to right CCW
    NKB      - Energy-saving single-lever type open to left
    Numeric Code:
    25, 28, 35, 40, 42, 45, 46 - diameter in millimeters
[2] Alpha Code After Number:
    A     - Flat Bottom, Two Locating Pins
    B     - Extended Bottom, Two Locating Pins
    C     - Flat Bottom, One Locating Pin
    CF    - Customized model of K 40 A
    D     - Extended Bottom, One Locating Pin
    H     - Locating Pin is on the Cover
    HF    - High flow (flow improved of standard model)
    HT    - "Half turn" (180° moving range)
    ND    - Model for low pressurized supply system
    NOTL  - "No temperature limiting fixture" (version of energy saving BK model)
    OP    - Open House
    OPC   - Open house with closed upper ceramic
    OPH   - open house with Housing fixing pin
    P     - Plastic actuator stem
    S     - Brass Actuator Stem
    Smart - Optimized standard models
    VC    - Volume control version of K5 Diverter cartridge
    ZK    - Customized model for low pressurized supply system

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