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Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated for Materials, Certification is only for the Water Contact Material shown in the Listing. Click here for a list of Abbreviations used in these Listings. Click here for the definitions of Water Contact Temperatures denoted in these Listings.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation 
Gate City Ohsaki East Tower 10F
1-11-2, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku 
Tokyo 141-0032 
81 3 6748 7467
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Facility : Dalian, China

Mechanical Devices

    Water Water
    Contact Contact
Trade Designation Size Temp Material

Ultrafiltration Devices[1] [2] [3]

[1] Certification requested for a minimum flow rate of 9,000 liters per element per day.
[2] This product requires the following flush prior to being placed into service:
    1. Fill membrane tank with running water and wash the element surface with air for 10
    minutes.					2. Completely drain the membrane tank of water.				
    3. Fill the membrane tank with running water again and start up the filtration pump
    (repeat sequence of about 1 minute of filtration and 1 minute of backwash, 5 times
    4. Completely drain the membrane tank of water.				
    5. Fill the membrane tank with running water and filtrate at a constant flow
    6. Perform air scrubbing and backwash after a certain time elapses after starting
    7. The cleaning procedure shall be complete after filtration for 360 minutes in
    total.						- Estimated amount of cleaning water: 100 L/m2 x number of treatment							
    - If element is not used soon afterward, start normal operation after filtering raw
    water again for 3 hours and discharging filtered water.							
    - Treat filtered water as waste fluid until completion of cleaning.
[3] Only products bearing the NSF Mark on the product, product packaging, and/or
    documentation shipped with the product are Certified.
[4] Certified for the following sizes:
    1250 mm x 1300 mm x 30 mm
    1250 mm x 2000 mm x 30 mm

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