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Plastica Alfa S.p.a. 
C.da S.M. Poggiarelli, Industrial Area
95041 Caltagirone (CT) 
39 09 335 1973
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Facility : Caltagirone (CT), Italy

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    Water Water
    Contact Contact
Trade Designation Size Temp Material

Fittings [G]
ALFAIDRO[1] 20mmx1/2" - 110mmx4" C. HOT MLTPL
ALFAIDRO[2] [3] 20mm - 200mm C. HOT PP

[1] Configurations include:
    Female Adaptor Female Thread (mm x inches)
    CT13FF120-GR, 20x1/2" SDR5
    CT13FF220-GR, 20x3/4" SDR5
    CT13FF125-GR, 25x1/2" SDR5
    CT13FF225-GR, 25x3/4" SDR5
    CT13FF032-GR, 32x3/4" SDR5
    CT13FF132-GR, 32x1" SDR5
    CT13FF140-GR, 40x1" SDR5
    CT13FF240-GR, 40x1 1/4" SDR5
    CT13FF150-GR, 50 x 1 1/2" SDR5
    CT13FF63-GR, 63 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT13FF063-GR, 63x3/4" SDR5
    CT13FF163-GR, 63x2" SDR5
    CT13FF175-GR, 75 x 2 1/2" SDR5
    CT13FF190-GR, 90 x 3" SDR5
    Female Adaptor Male Thread (mm x inches)
    CT13FM120-GR, 20x1/2" SDR5
    CT13FM220-GR, 20x3/4" SDR5
    CT13FM125-GR, 25x1/2" SDR5
    CT13FM225-GR, 25x3/4" SDR5
    CT13FM032-GR, 32x3/4" SDR5
    CT13FM132-GR, 32x1" SDR5
    CT13FM140-GR, 40x1" SDR5
    CT13FM240-GR, 40x1 1/4" SDR5
    CT13FM150-GR, 50x1 1/2" SDR5
    CT13FM163-GR, 63x2" SDR5
    CT13FM175-GR, 75x2 1/2" SDR5
    CT13FM190-GR, 90x3" SDR5
    CT13FM1100-GR, 110x4" SDR5
    Male Adaptor Female Thread (mm x inches)
    CT13MF120-GR, 20x1/2" SDR5
    CT13MF125-GR, 25x1/2" SDR5
    CT13MF225-GR, 25x3/4" SDR5
    CT13MF132-GR, 32x3/4" SDR5
    CT13MF232-GR, 32x1" SDR5
    Male Adaptor Male Thread (mm x inches)
    CT13MM120-GR, 20x1/2" SDR5
    CT13MM125-GR, 25x1/2" SDR5
    CT13MM225-GR, 25x3/4" SDR5
    CT13MF032-GR, 32x3/4" SDR5
    CT13MM132-GR, 32x1" SDR5
    90° Female Elbow Female Thread (mm x inches)
    CT16GF120-GR, 20 x 1/2" SDR5
    125-GR, 25 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GF225-GR, 25 x 3/4" SDR5
    CT16GF132-GR, 32 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GF232-GR, 32 x 3/4" SDR5
    CT16GF332-GR, 32 x 1" SDR5
    CT16GF240-GR, 40 x 1" SDR5
    CT16GF150-GR, 50 x 1 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GF163-GR, 63 x 2" SDR5
    90° End Elbow Female Thread (mm x inches)
    CT16GZ120-GR, 20 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GZ125-GR, 25 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GZ225-GR, 25 x 3/4" SDR5
    90° Male Elbow Female Thread (mm x inches)
    CT16GMF20-GR, 20 x 1/2" SDR5
    90° Female Elbow Male Thread (mm x inches)
    CT16GM120-GR, 20 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GM125-GR, 25 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GM225-GR, 25 x 3/4" SDR5
    CT16GM132-GR, 32 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GM232-GR, 32 x 3/4" SDR5
    CT16GM332-GR, 32 x 1" SDR5
    CT16GM240-GR, 40 x 1" SDR5
    CT16GM150-GR, 50 x 1 1/2" SDR5
    90° End Elbow Male Thread (mm x inches)
    CT16GK120-GR, 20 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GK125-GR, 25 x 1/2" SDR5
    CT16GK225-GR, 25 x 3/4" SDR5
    90° Tee Female Thread (mm x inches x mm)
    CT14TF120-GR, 20x1/2"x20 SDR5
    CT14TF125-GR, 25x1/2"x25 SDR5
    CT14TF225-GR, 25x3/4"x25 SDR5
    CT14TF132-GR, 32x1/2"x32 SDR5
    CT14TF232-GR, 32x3/4"x32 SDR5
    CT14TF332-GR, 32x1"x32 SDR5
    CT14TF240-GR, 40x1"x40 SDR5
    CT14TF150-GR, 50x11/2"x50 SDR5
    CT14TF163-GR, 63x2"x63 SDR5
    90° Tee Male Thread (mm x inches x mm)
    CT14TM120-GR, 20x1/2"x20 SDR5
    CT14TM125-GR, 25x1/2"x25 SDR5
    CT14TM225-GR, 25x3/4"x25 SDR5
    CT14TM132-GR, 32x1/2"x32 SDR5
    CT14TM232-GR, 32x3/4"x32 SDR5
    CT14TM332-GR, 32x1"x32 SDR5
    CT14TM240-GR, 40x1"x40 SDR5
[2] Configurations include:
    CT00SO200-GR, 20mm SDR6
    CT00SO250-GR, 25mm SDR6
    CT00SO320-GR, 32mm SDR6
    CT20SO200-GR, 20mm SDR6
    CT20SO250-GR, 25mm SDR6
    CT20SC200-GR, 20mm SDR6
    CT20SC250-GR, 25mm SDR6
    CT13MA200-GR, 20mm SDR5
    CT13MA250-GR, 25mm SDR5
    CT13MA320-GR, 32mm SDR5
    CT13MA400-GR, 40mm SDR5
    CT13MA500-GR, 50mm SDR5
    CT13MA630-GR, 63mm SDR5
    CT13MA750-GR, 75mm SDR5
    CT13MA900-GR, 90mm SDR5
    CT13MA1110-GR, 110mm SDR5
    CT13MA1125-GR, 125mm SDR6
    M-F Reducing Bush
    CT13RM2520-GR, 25/20mm SDR5
    CT13RM3220-GR, 32/20mm SDR5
    CT13RM3225-GR, 32/25mm SDR5
    CT13RM4020-GR, 40/20mm SDR5
    CT13RM4025-GR, 40/25mm SDR5
    CT13RM4032-GR, 40/32mm SDR5
    CT13RM5025-GR, 50/25mm SDR5
    CT13RM5032-GR, 50/32mm SDR5
    CT13RM5040-GR, 50/40mm SDR5
    CT13RM6325-GR, 63/25mm SDR5
    CT13RM6332-GR, 63/32mm SDR5
    CT13RM6340-GR, 63/40mm SDR5
    CT13RM6350-GR, 63/50mm SDR5
    CT13RM7550-GR, 75/50mm SDR5
    CT13RM7563-GR, 75/63mm SDR5
    CT13RM9063-GR, 90/63mm SDR5
    CT13RM9075-GR, 90/75mm SDR5
    CT13RM11075-GR, 110/75mm SDR5
    CT13RM11090-GR, 110/90mm SDR5
    F-F Reducing Bush
    CT13RF2520-GR, 25/20mm SDR5
    CT13RF3220-GR, 32/20mm SDR5
    CT13RF3225-GR, 32/25mm SDR5
    CT13RF4020-GR, 40/20mm SDR5
    CT13RF4025-GR, 40/25mm SDR5
    CT13RF4032-GR, 40/32mm SDR5
    CT13RF5032-GR, 50/32mm SDR5
    CT13RF5040-GR, 50/40mm SDR5
    CT13RF6320-GR, 63/20mm SDR5
    CT13RF6325-GR, 63/25mm SDR5
    CT13RF6332-GR, 63/32mm SDR5
    CT13RF6340-GR, 63/40mm SDR5
    CT13RF6350-GR, 63/50mm SDR5
    CT13RF7550-GR, 75/50mm SDR5
    CT13RF7563-GR, 75/63mm SDR5
    CT13RF9050-GR, 90/50mm SDR5
    CT13RF9063-GR, 90/63mm SDR5
    CT13RF9075-GR, 90/75mm SDR5
    CT13RF11075-GR, 110/75mm SDR5
    CT13RF11090-GR, 110/90mm SDR5
    CT13RF12575-GR, 125/75mm SDR6
    CT13RF12590-GR, 125/90mm SDR6
    CT13RF125110-GR, 125/110mm SDR6
    90° F-F Elbow
    CT16G0200-GR, 20mm SDR5
    CT16G0250-GR, 25mm SDR5
    CT16G0320-GR, 32mm SDR5
    CT16G0400-GR, 40mm SDR5
    CT16G0500-GR, 50mm SDR5
    CT16G0630-GR, 63mm SDR5
    CT16G0750-GR, 75mm SDR5
    CT16G0900-GR, 90mm SDR5
    CT16G01110-GR, 110mm SDR5
    CT16G01125-GR, 125mm SDR6
    90° M-F Elbow
    CT16GP200-GR, 20mm SDR5
    CT16GP250-GR, 25mm SDR5
    CT16GP320-GR, 32mm SDR5
    45° Elbow
    CT16GM520-GR, 20mm SDR6
    CT16GM525-GR, 25mm SDR6
    CT16GM532-GR, 32mm SDR6
    CT16GM540-GR, 40mm SDR6
    CT16GM550-GR, 50mm SDR6
    CT16GM563-GR, 63mm SDR6
    CT16GM575-GR, 75mm SDR6
    CT16GM590-GR, 90mm SDR6
    CT16GM5110-GR, 110mm SDR6
    CT16GM5125-GR, 125mm SDR6
    90° Tee
    CT14TE200-GR, 20mm SDR5
    CT14TE250-GR, 25mm SDR5
    CT14TE320-GR, 32mm SDR5
    CT14TE400-GR, 40mm SDR5
    CT14TE500-GR, 50mm SDR5
    CT14TE630-GR, 63mm SDR5
    CT14TE750-GR, 75mm SDR5
    CT14TE900-GR, 90mm SDR5
    CT14TE1110-GR, 110mm SDR5
    CT14TE1125-GR, 125mm SDR6
    90° Reducing Tee
    CT14TR202520-GR, 20x25x20mm SDR5
    CT14TR125-GR, 25x20x25mm SDR5
    CT14TR252020-GR, 25x20x20mm SDR5
    CT14TR252520-GR, 25x25x20mm SDR5
    CT14TR225-GR, 32x20x32mm SDR5
    CT14TR325-GR, 32x25x32mm SDR5
    CT14TR322020-GR, 32x20x20mm SDR5
    CT14TR322025-GR, 32x20x25mm SDR5
    CT14TR322520-GR, 32x25x20mm SDR5
    CT14TR322525-GR, 32x25x25mm SDR5
    CT14TR323225-GR, 32x32x25mm SDR5
    CT14TR132-GR, 40x20x40mm SDR5
    CT14TR232-GR, 40x25x40mm SDR5
    CT14TR332-GR, 40x32x40mm SDR5
    CT14TR402025-GR, 40x20x25mm SDR5
    CT14TR403225-GR, 40x32x25mm SDR5
    CT14TR403232-GR, 40x32x32mm SDR5
    CT14TR404032-GR, 40x40x32mm SDR5
    CT14TR525-GR, 50x25x50mm SDR5
    CT14TR532-GR, 50x32x50mm SDR5
    CT14TR540-GR, 50x40x50mm SDR5
    CT14TR502050-GR, 50x20x50mm SDR5
    CT14TR504040-GR, 50x40x40mm SDR5
    CT14TR620-GR, 63x20x63mm SDR5
    CT14TR625-GR, 63x25x63mm SDR5
    CT14TR632-GR, 63x32x63mm SDR5
    CT14TR640-GR, 63x40x63mm SDR5
    CT14TR650-GR, 63x50x63mm SDR5
    CT14TR750-GR, 75x50x75mm SDR5
    CT14TR763-GR, 75x63x75mm SDR5
    CT14TR950-GR, 90x50x90mm SDR5
    CT14TR963-GR, 90x63x90mm SDR5
    CT14TR975-GR, 90x75x90mm SDR5
    CT14TR11050-GR, 110x50x110mm SDR5
    CT14TR11063-GR, 110x63x110mm SDR5
    CT14TR11075-GR, 110x75x110mm SDR5
    CT14TR11090-GR, 110x90x110mm SDR5
    CT14TR125110-GR, 125x110x125mm SDR6
[3] End Cap
    CT16CA200-GR, 20mm SDR5
    CT16CA250-GR, 25mm SDR5
    CT16CA320-GR, 32mm SDR5
    CT16CA400-GR, 40mm SDR5
    CT16CA500-GR, 50mm SDR5
    CT16CA630-GR, 63mm SDR5
    CT16CA750-GR, 75mm SDR5
    CT16CA900-GR, 90mm SDR5
    CT16CA1110-GR, 110mm SDR5
    CT16CA1125-GR, 125mm SDR6
    Flange Neck
    CT13CPF500-GR, 50mm SDR5
    CT13CPF630-GR, 63mm SDR5
    CT13CPF750-GR, 75mm SDR5
    CT13CPF900-GR, 90mm SDR5
    CT13CPF1110-GR, 110mm SDR5
    CT13CPF1125-GR, 125mm SDR6
    M-F Reducing Bush (butt welding)
    CT13RM16075-GR-SDR6, 160/75mm SDR6
    CT13RM16090-GR-SDR6, 160/90mm SDR6
    CT13RM160110-GR-SDR6, 160/110mm SDR6
    CT13RM160125-GR-SDR6, 160/125mm SDR6
    CT13RM200110-GR-SDR6, 200/110mm SDR6
    CT13RM200125-GR-SDR6, 200/125mm SDR6
    CT13RM200160-GR-SDR6, 200/160mm SDR6
    CT13RM16075-GR-SDR11, 160/75mm SDR11
    CT13RM16090-GR-SDR11, 160/90mm SDR11
    CT13RM160110-GR-SDR11, 160/110mm SDR11
    CT13RM160125-GR, 160/125mm SDR11
    CT13RM200110-GR-SDR11, 200/110mm SDR11
    CT13RM200125-GR-SDR11, 200/125mm SDR11
    CT13RM200160-GR-SDR11, 200/160mm SDR11
    90° F-F Elbow (butt welding)
    CT16GO1160-GR-SDR6, 160mm SDR6
    CT16GO2000-GR-SDR6, 200mm SDR6
    CT16GO1160-GR-SDR11, 160mm SDR11
    CT16GO2000-GR-SDR11, 200mm SDR11
    45° Elbow (butt welding)
    CT16GM5160-GR-SDR6, 160mm SDR6
    CT16GM5200-GR-SDR6, 200mm SDR6
    CT16GM5160-GR-SDR11, 160mm SDR11
    CT16GM5200-GR-SDR11, 200mm SDR11
    90° Tee (butt welding)
    CT14TE1160-GR-SDR6, 160mm SDR6
    CT14TE2000-GR-SDR6, 200mm SDR6
    CT14TE1160-GR-SDR11, 160mm SDR11
    CT14TE2000-GR-SDR11, 200mm SDR11
    90° Reducing Tee (butt welding)
    CT14TR16090-GR-SDR6, 160/75mm SDR6
    CT14TR160110-GR-SDR6, 160/90mm SDR6
    CT14TR20063-GR-SDR6, 160/110mm SDR6
    CT14TR20090-GR-SDR6, 200/110mm SDR6
    CT14TR200110-GR-SDR6, 200/125mm SDR6
    CT14TR200160-GR-SDR6, 200/160mm SDR6
    CT14TR16090-GR-SDR11, 160/75mm SDR11
    CT14TR160110-GR-SDR11, 160/90mm SDR11
    CT14TR20063-GR-SDR11, 160/110mm SDR11
    CT14TR20090-GR-SDR11, 200/110mm SDR11
    CT14TR200110-GR-SDR11, 200/125mm SDR11
    CT14TR200160-GR-SDR11, 200/160mm SDR11
    End Cap (butt welding)
    CT16CA1160-GR-SDR6, 160mm SDR6
    CT16CA2000-GR-SDR6, 200mm SDR6
    CT16CA1160-GR-SDR11, 160mm SDR11
    CT16CA2000-GR-SDR11, 200mm SDR11
    Flange Neck (butt welding)
    CT13CPF1160-GR-SDR6, 160mm SDR6
    CT13CPF2000-GR-SDR6, 200mm SDR6
    CT13CPF1160-GR-SDR11, 160mm SDR11
    CT13CPF2000-GR-SDR11, 200mm SDR11
[G] Product is Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 and conforms with the lead content requirements for
    “lead free” plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana state
    laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.


ALFAIDRO 20mm - 160mm C. HOT PP

[G] Product is Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 and conforms with the lead content requirements for
    “lead free” plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana state
    laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.


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