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Food Equipment Materials

Plastic Selection Group, Inc. 
692 North High Street
Suite 310 
Columbus, OH 43215 
United States 
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Facility : Grayville, IL

         Maximum Temperature 
  Trade Designation  Color   Type of Food    of Use in °F 

Water Clear Thermoplastics for Food Zone[1]
  PSG Edge  Clear  All food contact types  212º 
  PSG EdgeGlas[2]  Clear  Aqueous acidic
Aqueous non-acidic
Bakery products with free fats and oils on surface
Bakery products with no free fats or oils on surface
Dairy, oil in water emulsions
Dairy, water in oil emulsions
Dry Solids
Oils and fats
  PSG HRM  Clear  All food contact types  212º 
  PSG Kostrate Edge  Clear  All food contact types  212º 
  PSG Sizzle  Clear  All food contact types  212º 
[1] NSF Certified production beginning October 9, 2013.
[2] This material cannot be used with carbonated beverages.

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