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White Book™ - Nonfood Compounds Listing Directory

Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds

Chem-Trend LP  
  Lusin® Alro O 153 S 128826 H1  
  Lusin® Alro OL 202 F 142473 H1  
  Lusin® Clean 1002 151625 H2  
  Lusin® Clean 1010 153247 H2  
  Lusin® Clean 1500 142755 H2  
  Lusin® Clean G 320 133219 H2  
  Lusin® Clean G 410 135691 H2  
  Lusin® Clean L 101 F 145419 K1, K3  
  Lusin® Clean L 101 F (aerosol) 141707 K1, K3  
  Lusin® Clean L 23 F 153912 A1, K3  
  Lusin® Clean L 52 F 139630 K1, K3  
  Lusin® LU1201F 156130 H1  
  Lusin® LU1201F (Spray) 156258 H1  
  Lusin® Lub O 32 F 142910 H1  
  Lusin® Lub O 32 F (spray) 144826 H1  
  Lusin® Lub O 33 F 147116 H1  
  Lusin® Lub OW 32 F 146420 H1  
  Lusin® Protect G 31 F (Aerosol) 152135 H1  
  LUSIN® PROTECT O 45 124498 H1  
  Lusin® PROTECT O 45 F 138499 H1  
  LUSIN® PROTECT O 45 F (ready to use) 141607 H1  

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