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White Book™ - Nonfood Compounds Listing Directory

Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds

DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC  
  MOLYKOTE® G-0050 FM White EP Bearing Grease 136464 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1246FM Synthetic Compressor Oil 127103 H1  
  Molykote ® Food Machinery Oil Spray 164918 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® G-0051 FM White EP Bearing Grease 136465 H1  
  Molykote® G-0052 FM White EP Bearing Grease 136466 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® G-1502 FM Synthetic Bearing & Gear Grease 141388 H1  
  Molykote® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease 127847 H1  
  Molykote® G-4500 FM Spray 165963 H1  
  Molykote® G-4500 FMS Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease 169343 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® G-4501 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease 127860 H1  
  Molykote® G-4501 FMS Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease 169344 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® G-5032 Grease 137141 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® HP-300 Grease 129080 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® HP-500 Grease 129081 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-0122FM Gear Oil-ISO 220 127118 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-0346FM Hydraulic Oil 127116 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-0368FM Hydraulic Oil 127112 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-0460 FM Chain Oil 127100 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-0510 FM Multi-Purpose Oil 127113 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1115FM Synthetic Gear Oil - ISO 150 127109 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1122 FM Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 220 127108 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1146 FM Synthetic Extreme Temp Gear Oil ISO 460 127105 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1232 FM Synthetic Compressor Oil 127102 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1368 FM Synthetic Blend Hydraulic Oil 127153 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1468 FM Synthetic Freezer Chain Oil 127104 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1605 FM Synthetic Barrier Fluid 127101 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® L-1668 FM Synthetic Blend Vacuum Pump Oil 127154 H1  
  Molykote® Longterm 1 Plus Grease 152070 H2  
  MOLYKOTE® P-1900 FM Anti-Seize Paste 132480 H1  
  Molykote® P-1900 FM Paste Spray 169135 H1  
  MOLYKOTE® Separator Silicone Spray 136485 H1  

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