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White Book™ - Nonfood Compounds Listing Directory

Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds

CRC Industries Europe Bvba  
  CRC Ejector Lube 158477 H1  
  CRC@ Dust Free 360 139792 K2  
  CRC@ Dust Free 360 Turbo 159565 K2  
  CRC@Direct Contact Food Lube 165006 3H, H1  
  CRC® 3-36 139736 H2  
  CRC® 3-36 (bulk) 154658 H2  
  CRC® Assembly Paste 140179 H1  
  CRC® Assembly Paste (Bulk) 140071 H1  
  CRC® Belt Grip 139822 H1  
  CRC® Blue Mould Protect 140207 H2  
  CRC® Chain Lube 017046 H1  
  CRC® Chain Lube (bulk) 142731 H1  
  CRC® Clear Mould Protect 139851 H2  
  CRC® Contact Cleaner 140234 K2  
  CRC® Dry Lube-F 141273 H1  
  CRC® ECO Complex Blue 111199 A1  
  CRC® ECO Foam Cleaner 111196 A1  
  CRC® ECO Leak Finder 142801 P1  
  CRC® ECO Leak Finder (Bulk) 142802 P1  
  CRC® EP Food Grease 139907 H1  
  CRC® Extreme Lube 143143 H1  
  CRC® Extreme Lube (bulk) 143047 H1  
  CRC® Flatscreen Cleaner 148383 P1  
  CRC® Food Grease 139016 H1  
  CRC® Food Grease (Bulk) 139015 H1  
  CRC® Foodkleen 111200 A8, C1  
  CRC® Foodkleen (Bulk) 139910 A8, C1  
  CRC® HiTemp Food Grease 140070 H1  
  CRC® Industrial Degreaser 111201 A8, K1  
  CRC® Industrial Degreaser (Bulk) 132248 A8, K1  
  CRC® Industrial ECO Degreaser 162737 A8, K1  
  CRC® Industrial ECO Degreaser (bulk) 162860 A8, K1  
  CRC® Inox Kleen 138083 A7, C1  
  CRC® Label Off Super 139426 K3  
  CRC® Lub Oil 32 142723 H1  
  CRC® Lub Oil 46 142722 H1  
  CRC® Lub Oil PAO 150 142727 H1  
  CRC® Lub Oil PAO 220 142726 H1  
  CRC® Lub Oil PAO 32 142730 H1  
  CRC® Lub Oil PAO 320 142725 H1  
  CRC® Lub Oil PAO 46 142729 H1  
  CRC® Lub Oil PAO 68 142728 H1  
  CRC® Multi Oil 017048 H1  
  CRC® Multi Oil (Bulk) 137255 H1  
  CRC® NSR Food 155325 M1  
  CRC® Pen Oil 139816 H1  
  CRC® Silicone 126501 H1  
  CRC® Silicone (Bulk) 154456 H1  
  CRC® SR Food 155175 M1  
  CRC® Sugar Dissolving Fluid 145042 H1  
  Kontakt Chemie® Solvent 50 Super 139732 K3  
  OzzyJuice® SW-1 163229 A1  
  OzzyJuice® SW-3 161215 A1  
  OzzyJuice® SW-6 161319 A1  

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