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Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects

Jacobi Carbons, Inc. 
432 McCormick Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43213 
United States 
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Facility : # 1 Tamilnadu, India


COMPONENTS: Media, Carbon, Point-of-Use
AquaSorb™ CB[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CC[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CL-HX[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CR[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CS[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CS-FM[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CS-HAC[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CT[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CX[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CX-MCA[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CY[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ CZ[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ GA[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ GA-Plus[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ GA1[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HA[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HA-Plus[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HA1[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HA2[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HFB[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HGA[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HH[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HR[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HS[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HS-C[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HS-S[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HSP[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HT[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HT-C[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HX[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HX-MCA[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HX-S[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HY[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ HZ[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ J200[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ J250[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ J300[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ J350[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ J400[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ J450[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ J500[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-100[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-200[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-300[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-300-8030[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-500[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ LAK[3] [4]  
AquaSorb™ MCA-HST[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ MCA-ST[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ MCA-WST[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ NC506N[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ NFB-Plus[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ NFB-Special[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ NFC-Plus[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ WR[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ WS[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ WT[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ WX[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ WX-MCA[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ WY[1] [2]  
AquaSorb™ WZ[1] [2]  

[1] The carbon source is coconut shell.
[2] Certified for the following particle sizes:3 x 6 - 100 x 500, -200, -325, and fines,
    PAC-C, PAC-S, and PAC-F.
[3] The carbon source is coal.
[4] Certified for the following mesh sizes: 3 x 6  - 100 x 500

Facility : # 2 Tamilnadu, India


COMPONENTS: Media, Carbon, Point-of-Use[1] [2]
AquaSorb™ CB  
AquaSorb™ CC  
AquaSorb™ CR  
AquaSorb™ CS  
AquaSorb™ CS-FM  
AquaSorb™ CS-HAC  
AquaSorb™ CT  
AquaSorb™ CX  
AquaSorb™ CY  
AquaSorb™ CZ  
AquaSorb™ GA  
AquaSorb™ GA-Plus  
AquaSorb™ GA1  
AquaSorb™ J200  
AquaSorb™ J250  
AquaSorb™ J300  
AquaSorb™ J350  
AquaSorb™ J400  
AquaSorb™ J450  
AquaSorb™ J500  

[1] The carbon source is coconut shell.
[2] Certified for the following mesh size: 3 x 6 - 100 x 500, -200, -325, fines, PAC-C,
    PAC-S, and PAC-F.

Facility : Misamis Oriental, Philippines


COMPONENTS: Media, Carbon, Point-of-Use[1] [2]
AquaSorb™ CL-HX  
AquaSorb™ CX-MCA  
AquaSorb™ HA  
AquaSorb™ HA-Plus  
AquaSorb™ HA1  
AquaSorb™ HA2  
AquaSorb™ HFB  
AquaSorb™ HGA  
AquaSorb™ HH  
AquaSorb™ HR  
AquaSorb™ HS  
AquaSorb™ HS-S  
AquaSorb™ HSP  
AquaSorb™ HT  
AquaSorb™ HT-C  
AquaSorb™ HX  
AquaSorb™ HX-MCA  
AquaSorb™ HX-S  
AquaSorb™ HY  
AquaSorb™ HZ  
AquaSorb™ JHS-100  
AquaSorb™ JHS-200  
AquaSorb™ JHS-300  
AquaSorb™ JHS-300-8030  
AquaSorb™ JHS-400  
AquaSorb™ JHS-450  
AquaSorb™ JHS-500  
AquaSorb™ JHS-600  
AquaSorb™ MCA-HST  
AquaSorb™ MCA-ST  
AquaSorb™ MCA-WST  
AquaSorb™ NC506N  
AquaSorb™ NFB  
AquaSorb™ NFB-Plus  
AquaSorb™ NFB-Special  
AquaSorb™ NFC-Plus  
AquaSorb™ WX-MCA  

[1] Certified for the following mesh sizes: 3 x 6 - 100 x 500, -200, -325, fines, PAC-C,
    PAC-S, and PAC-F.
[2] The carbon source is coconut shell.

Facility : Nattandiya, Sri Lanka


COMPONENTS: Media, Carbon, Point-of-Use[1]
AquaSorb™ CB[2]  
AquaSorb™ CC[2]  
AquaSorb™ CL-HX[3]  
AquaSorb™ CP1[2]  
AquaSorb™ CP1-80[2]  
AquaSorb™ CP1-F[2]  
AquaSorb™ CP1-Super[2]  
AquaSorb™ CR[2]  
AquaSorb™ CS[2]  
AquaSorb™ CS-FM[2]  
AquaSorb™ CS-LF[2]  
AquaSorb™ CT[2]  
AquaSorb™ CX[2]  
AquaSorb™ CX-MCA[2] [3]  
AquaSorb™ CY[2]  
AquaSorb™ CZ[2]  
AquaSorb™ GA[2]  
AquaSorb™ GA-Plus[2]  
AquaSorb™ GA1[2]  
AquaSorb™ HA[3]  
AquaSorb™ HA-Plus[3]  
AquaSorb™ HA1[3]  
AquaSorb™ HA2[3]  
AquaSorb™ HFB[3]  
AquaSorb™ HGA[3]  
AquaSorb™ HH[3]  
AquaSorb™ HR[3]  
AquaSorb™ HS[3]  
AquaSorb™ HS-S[3]  
AquaSorb™ HSP[3]  
AquaSorb™ HT[3]  
AquaSorb™ HT-C[3]  
AquaSorb™ HX[3]  
AquaSorb™ HX-MCA[2] [3]  
AquaSorb™ HX-S[3]  
AquaSorb™ HY[3]  
AquaSorb™ HZ[3]  
AquaSorb™ J200[2]  
AquaSorb™ J250[2]  
AquaSorb™ J300[2]  
AquaSorb™ J350[2]  
AquaSorb™ J400[2]  
AquaSorb™ J450[2]  
AquaSorb™ J500[2]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-100[3]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-200[3]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-300[3]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-300-8030[3]  
AquaSorb™ JHS-500[3]  
AquaSorb™ MCA-HST[2] [3]  
AquaSorb™ MCA-ST[2] [3]  
AquaSorb™ MCA-WST[2] [3]  
AquaSorb™ NC506N[3]  
AquaSorb™ NFB[3]  
AquaSorb™ NFB-Plus[3]  
AquaSorb™ NFB-Special[3]  
AquaSorb™ NFC-Plus[3]  
AquaSorb™ NP-1[2]  
AquaSorb™ NZ[2]  
AquaSorb™ SP23[2]  
AquaSorb™ WR[3]  
AquaSorb™ WS[3]  
AquaSorb™ WT[3]  
AquaSorb™ WT-CC[3]  
AquaSorb™ WT-CF[3]  
AquaSorb™ WX[3]  
AquaSorb™ WX-MCA[2] [3]  
AquaSorb™ WY[3]  
AquaSorb™ WZ[3]  

[1] The carbon source is coconut shell.
[2] Certified for the following mesh sizes: 3 x 6 - 100 x 500, -200, -325, fines, PAC-C,
    PAC-S, and PAC-F.
[3] Certified for the following mesh sizes: 3 x 6 - 100 x 635, -200, -325, fines,
    PAC-C,PAC-S, and PAC-F.

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